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April 18 2009

Trailer for Amber Benson's new movie, "One-Eyed Monster". It's a horror/comedy in the vein of Slither or Evil Dead, except much more low brow. The trailer is NSFW.

I just saw it, and it's truly disgusting....that the UK gets it on DVD before we do. It's the wildest premise for a horror flick, that's for sure.
Just when we thought we had seen it all...
Thats a bit lower than my brows will go.

And Im very frowny.
The movie's star is on Twitter...@ronsmonster.
Run, lioness, run!!
Almost better than Teeth!!!
More lowbrow than Slither is a bold statement :)
This makes me sad...
I think my favorite part is that the credits state "And Introducing Ron Jeremy." Aw, who'm I kidding? The whole thing was my favorite part.
I saw the title in the link, and assumed that it couldn't possibly be about a... and then it was. Chrisham2, I second that, and raise you a 'nauseated'.
Nice to see Amber having more fun (and who in indie filmdom would pass up a chance to find a place for Ron Jeremy in their movie, nevermind making him the centerpiece).

I can't tell from the trailer whether it'll have much in the way of genuince funnies or just be gleefully stupid. Seems like the latter.

Also, rampaging penis reminds me of the "donkey demon" from the second episode of Angel.

Still haven't got around to Slither.

Why is this making people sad ? I understand the other comments about it being too lowbrow (it might be for me, have to wait and see. I'll probably see it, seen everything else Amber's made, film and comics-wise), but it's just for kicks. If it's because of squeamishness, I understand there. Otherwise, there's a place for this sorta film like there's a place for any other. Bothered by cock ?

This thread would not be complete if impalergeneral missed out on posting. So good thing he did, heh.

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Ok... I dont realy know what to say. :/
I wonder if Ron Jeremy has a large part?
Why nauseated and sad? It sounds pretty damn funny.
I choked with laughter at the trailer.

And beside the fact that it's considered "lowbrow", I quite enjoyed Slither. Sadly, Nathan Fillion's best lines were in the last 30 seconds.
Slither needed more one-liners. Every time you thought you were about to hear one, you'd indeed just get a loud swearword. It was like placeholder dialogue or something.

Anyway, as much as this movie seems like just silly fun, it's kind of hard to ignore the rape joke overtones. Oh well.
*giggles at the name*
funny trailer, everyone should lighten up and watch the movie, probably with some manner of drinking game. also, ron jeremy was introduced in boondock saints...come on.
I don't wamt to see this and yet, I can't wait.

I feel dirty....
An unstoppable, free-roving dick that rapes people to death isn't really my cup of tea.
I laugh, yes. But only to keep from crying.
Awesome trailer.
I need to see this. Any word when it'll be available in the US?
"An unstoppable, free-roving dick that rapes people to death isn't really my cup of tea".

Its definitely mine
I get the feeling that this film will split people down the middle....(sorry, couldn't help myself).
Perhaps the best film since Flesh Gordon. I didn't think they made movies like they used to anymore.

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Hey katetwo, per posted articles on, it will be available on DVD in the States on April 28. Here's the IMDB link:

I had to laugh at this comment in the article: "Ron Jeremy's rabid member goes on a bloody killing spree, intent on spreading its seed through the entire planet."

And Amber (as Tara) thought she had to deal with some weird stuff in the Hellmouth.....
It reminds me of those bad 80s horror movies. Almost Troma like but not quite.
Yeah, re Troma - you have to wonder if they're biting off more than they can chew (sorry) parody-ing parodies. Somebody watch it and give a review.

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Wait, is this really a film about a killer penis? o_O
Aw, I thought this was a film Amber was writing/directing. I haven't seen her "Ghosts of Albion" TV-movies, but I figured with the zany and very good Lovers, Liars and Lunatics her creating career was going to be a steady climb in quality/enjoyablity (didn't think Chance was all that, despite some quality performances). I was about to blind-buy this for the sake of Amber-created completionism, but...yeah nevermind. Maybe it'll make it into Blockbuster, I'll rent.

Dunno who Adam Fields is. Haven't seen any of his previous films and there're no comments on the IMDB to give any indication of what sort of reception they've gotten.
Kris; AMber doesn't want to both direct and star at the same time again.

And even for Amber this might be too much for me, even if she 's there at the close.
I was amused to see that I could watch it for 99p on Virgin Media's Movies On Demand.

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