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April 18 2009

Fran Kranz in Shades of Ray available on demand. The film also starring Zachary Levi of Chuck is available at

Fran Kranz...please reflesh my memoir.
He plays Topher in Dollhouse and will star in Joss and Drew's 'Cabin in the Woods'.
(smacks self on the forehead) Well, duh! I think that one remaining braincell is starting to slacken a bit. Bad braincell! Bad!
You probably shouldn't smack your forehead if you only have one brain cell left.. the smacking could be the problem
I saw the movie last night and it's very, very good. I know now that my problems with Topher are with the character and not with Fran.

There's a lot of familiar faces in the film. They're still looking for distribution in Canada, and more recognition elsewhere. The director said getting it through Amazon (for download or rental - only in the US at the moment) could help.

I couldn't remember if there had ever been a post about it before, but the website is Shades of Ray.

Bonnie Sommerville, who was with Nick Brendon in Kitchen Confidential, is also in the film.

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I saw Shades of Ray last night at the film festival in Toronto. I thought Fran was fantastic and I could see what Joss saw in him to hire him for Dollhouse. I took to him instantly in Shades of Ray but I am still still struggling with his character on Dollhouse but am slowing warming up to him. I highly recommend the film. Very enjoyable.
Have Fran and Zachary Levi starred together in another film? Because I vaguely recall seeing the two of them in something on Comedy Central but I'm unsure if this is the one, especially since I'm thinking it being on demand probably means it's a newer release...
The director mentioned that after he cast Fran he told him they had just finished another movie where they played best friends. Serendipity!

Shades of Ray hasn't been on TV. I gather the only way to have seen it so far is through amazon or film festivals.
The director mentioned that after he cast Fran he told him they had just finished another movie where they played best friends. Serendipity!

That movie about a guy named Jayne and an outer space hooker?
Jiggyfly, they were in "Wieners" together. My best friend bought it for me as a joke for my birthday last year. We finally got around to watching it a few weeks ago and just before we did I picked up the DVD case and shrieked, "It's Topher!" The movie was about what you'd expect from something with such a title but having Fran in it made it much more enjoyable.
That's what it was! Thank you for the clarification wonderflonium. That's cool that they did another movie together though. I really like both Fran and Zach Levi. They both have that goofy kind of quality.
Shades of Ray is a comedy, but it has a serious side. I don't like goofy comedies, but I loved this.

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