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September 10 2003

Old Faces In New Places. City of Angel looks at the TV shows for the 2003-04 Fall Season that former Buffyverse actors and writers have moved onto. Packed with Mutant Enemy info.

It's like reading about where The MSTies scattered in the wind, after their decade journey. In other words it's just heart breakin'. *sniff*

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I actually think it's pretty cool. Especially David, Tim, and Marti all going on to be showrunners. They'll carry Joss' teachings to all corners of the television world. Like disciples.

I hope TV execs come to their senses and gives Jane Espenson her own show soon.
Jane Espenson should write a vehicle for Danny Strong. Not for the Jonathan Levinson character, but I think Espenson's got a grasp of the kinda humor Strong thrives most in. It should be an hour long action comedy starring Danny Strong as a guy kinda like Walter Mitty, but although at first he thinks he's daydreaming, he stops being able to tell which reality is the real one, and we the audience become as uncertain as he is, especially when the first two realities start merging, and new ones start cropping up. Some realities entirely mundane, others entirely out there.
They missed a writer. Rebecca Rand Kirshner got a job writing for the new NBC drama "Las Vegas". Doesn't seem like much, but it sounds a lot more promising than Tarzan. Why did Mere leave AtS in the first place? I like Mere's writing but not enough to follow her to Tarzan.

Other than Gilmore Girls, Jane Espenson was involved in the early story breaking process for The OC, and wrote one of the earlier episodes. And I think Jane's contract with Gilmore Girls is only for one season. The OC is a hit, and Gilmore Girls is apparently really popular (I've only seen about 3 episodes), plus with her Buffy credits, execs would be insane not to give Jane a chance at show running. Well, tv execs are typically insane... but I hope they have a moment of lucidity and give Jane a shot.
I'll watch Las Vegas because I'm a big fan of James Caan, but I really didn't like Rebecca Rand Kirshner's writing all that much. I wasn't familiar with Mere Smith until picking up Angel Season 2, and I really like her stuff...but you're right lalaa, Tarzan looks like it has no redeeming qualities.

Ever since reading an interview with Jane wherein she gives her ideas on making a new Star Trek series, I've had this fanboy wish that she would. Trek is terrible right now, and Jane is just what the franchise needs to make it fresh again. It's interesting that Jane broke into the business by submitting a script for ST:TNG through their fan-script submission process.

But a Jane Espenson ran Danny Strong vehicle would be good too. :)
Star Trek just needs rebooting. It's time. Throw out all the old Trek tech and extrapolate from what we know now. Hire new actors to realize Kirk, Spock, etc. Stick to the premise but engineer a new look. A five year mission to explore and seek out and boldly go. The rest can be filled in with thirty plus years of wisdom under our belts. Doesn't need Espenson though.

The communicators of the 1960s have become today's cellphone, so it's not the mechanics that have survived. It's the overall Roddenberry message of hope and reaching for the stars that survives. Mankind learning from its past mistakes while admittedly making all new mistakes but eventually learning from them too. I'd rather see Roddenberry's literal words taken to heart though: "Wagon Train To The Stars" is what he promised Desilu and NBC back in 1966 and it's not quite what he delivered with Star Trek. "Bonanza In Space." Come to think of it, Firefly was a heckuva lot closer to that idea than Roddenberry ever got.

Give Espenson a quirky but down to Earth Danny Strong vehicle. Give Whedon an hour a week to do Firefly right. I'd be happy with Fall 2004 if that transpired. With or without the movie.
Good info to have about what new shows to try.
Did anyone watch Jake 2.0 last night?
I did. I didn't like it much. It's like a combination of Spiderman and Alias. Lab accident, superpowers, spies, running around, getting chased. And in spite of all that, it was dull. I'll stick around though, because it does have the potential to get better.
This had me alternately scratching my head and chuckling:

"Drew Z. Greenburg, a seasoned screen writer, and Buffy teamster since Season one" [since season one? huh?] "joins the Smallville team this fall... Drew has contributed to some of the best episodes of Buffy including 'Him' and 'The Killer In Me.'" [best Buffy episodes? Drew Greenburg? are these people insane? "HIM"? Altogether now: "HIM"?! Obsequious much?]
I would love to see a BTVS spin off of Niki Wood in NYC. I there would be alot of diffrent situations that we didn't get to cover in buffy. Like Living in the 60/70's as an african american women, being a single mother. Even though I know how it ends I would love to see it.
I am absolutely mortified that Spike is to be on the new season of Angel.
Come on, now! Get real!! He's turned into the nancy boy he's always whinging about Angel being. As Cordy would say, he's also a whinging, whiney little cry-Spike. The best thing that happened to Spike, after he went wussy, was getting dusted. Yey, all over red rover.
After being a dedicated fan of both Buffy and Angel, for over 6 years, I don't think I can cope with such a poofy nancy boy (and not very good looking one either).
Yeah, bring on a Niki Wood Slayer. Then we'll have the real Spike we've come to love, not the nancy boy that Buffy turned him into. That girl has a lot to answer for. Will she atone by spiking Spike on Angel?? Let's hope so. Yeahh!!!
OzzieMoz, you're completely off topic and possibly inflammatory.

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