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April 18 2009

A message from the Dr. Horrible cast and crew of Hockinson High School. It's for Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen (they got married yesterday).

Congratulations to the happy couple.

This message brought to you by Twitter, through which I managed to find the right channels to arrange this less than 24 hours before going up to see the production.
Awww! Nice thing to arrange b!x.

Congratulations to both! A new Whedon :) - always a good thing!
Very cool !
Big congrats to the newlyweds !

I hadn't realized they got married... I'm always behind on the cool info. (what's this "dollhouse" people keep talking about?) :P
Yay, Jed and Maurissa! :D
My absolute best to Jed & Maurissa on their joining day. The best I can hope for you both is that you love each other as happily and warmly in 17 years as my A (Mr. QuoterGal) and I do. Tolerance, kindness, playfulness & trust do the trick nicely.

I'll write a pome later when I have more brain, but I'm traveling now and down a pint. For now, enjoy your day & the rest of them.
So is she an official Whedon now?
Congratulations to the newlyweds--hope you get a little time off to celebrate!
And congratulations to the Whedon family for such a lovely new addition.
May your future life together continue to bring you as much joy as your previous time together clearly has.
Oh, that's wonderful. Congrats to you both!!
That's awesome! Very cool, b!x.

My little sister went and saw them perform last night, and she said it was, to use her word, adorable. Also: "Well done within the realistic constraints of being a high school and live. The Dr Horrible actor had a GREAT voice. Also, the guy playing Captain Hammer had the smarm down to a T. It was super awesome." I'm very jealous that she got to see them.
Awesome! Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds! <3
Congrats to them both!
Congratulations to Jed and Maurissa! Best wishes to you guys on your happy day.
Now Jed and Maurissa can learn that they got married by coming here and reading this! Hee.

Yes, the Dr. Horrible production was delightful. Dudes, they added in the Moist song from the Commentary! And it was fun to participate in doing the wave during Capt. Hammer's "Everyone's a Hero" song.
Congrats, Jed and Maurissa!

Good work, b!x.
Yay, nicely done.

Congratulations Jed and Maurissa! Best wishes, and I hope life is just generally awesome for the two of you together.
Congratulations Jed and Maurissa!
Congratulations to the Whedon-Tancharoens!
Congratulations to the Tanchawhedoroens!

OK, that one's not gonna catch on.
Congratulations, Jed and Maurissa!
Happy days always to Maurissa and Jed! And thank you for bringing me such fine entertainment. Looking forward to more. :)
Congratulations Jed and Maurissa! An awesome team!! :)
Congrats Jed and Maurissa!
Congrats Jaurissa! Med? Best wishes! As a gift I got you this nifty little musical... :D
Aw! How sweet of that drama class.
Congrats to Jed & Maurissa. Marriage is a fun, challenging, joyous compromise. It's work but as the saying goes, anything worth having is. ♥

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