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April 19 2009

Video of Juliet Landau singing at FX Show this weekend. She is with Jason Miller from the Godhead video she did (Hero), they dedicated a song in memory of Andy Hallett. Also some video clips of James Marsters' Q and A from the same event.

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Woah! I was just listening to Temptation Waits last night!

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Very nice. "Wish you were here" pretty much sums everything up.
That was wonderful, RavenU, thank you!
So... there's another candidate for a Joss musical :-)
Thanks for posting these clips RavenU. Juliet has a great singing voice. The clips of James (as always) were very entertaining. He's fantastic!
Singing my favourite Pink Floyd song in tribute to Andy? Perfect.
Also the clips of James are great. Although, with me being a fierce spuffy fan, it did sting a little to hear him say he thinks that Buffy should be with Angel. Though, to be fair, what he actually said was the way James pictured the character of Spike was that HE was the right one for Buffy, the way that the writers wrote Spike, Angel was the right choice. Which is fair, I think; they DID write him to be the bad boyfriend and then tried to redeem him somewhat in season 7 but it didn't really work. I still think the pairing had a lot more potential than it ever achieved on the show, which sounds like what he though too, so I guess its ok. Not trying to get into a Bangel/Spuffy off, mind you.
Damn it youtube my java script is updated and turned on!! Well it sounds good anyway!! And dedicating 'wish you were here' to Andy Hallett is just too sweet!
Thanks so much for bringing these to our attention RavenU!

Even without understanding a word of what's being said, I can enjoy the sight of James looking fab and full of energy. And I am in love with his adorable shoes ~ I want them!
That was great. Garbage and Pink Floyd and a dedication to Andy.
I had plans to go to FX this year and had to cancel at the last minute... *cry*
Thanks for the videos though!
Is JL's hair bright red or is that just the lights??? She looks like she's sporting a britney-wig.
What a nice tribute to Andy Hallet. And wow, she can really sing.
Thanks. A clip with juliet always makes my day. And the "Wish You Were Here" made it even better. *sigh*

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alex - it was the lighting.
Thanks for clarifying RavenU. It was hard to tell from the video. IMO, she could totally rock one of those bright orange wigs.

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