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April 19 2009

Adam Baldwin on the Ride 2 Recovery. Adam writes of his experience participating in the charity event in Texas.

Wow, that was very well written. And a little surreal: I was just watching Firefly, and it was a bit odd reading something this thoughtful after watching the same man wonder if there's gold inside a dead guy.
I caught part of the race as it passed through Austin this afternoon/evening. Had no idea AB was participating. Very cool! Great article.
Well written and very kind of him. Sadly, if I were to ride in one of those things, my utter klutziness would mean I'd probably collide with multiple people, farm animals, trees, and possibly objects that do not exist. :)
That is a whole lot of big damn heroes right there.
That's awesome!
Good writing and a great cause. Wish it could come across a little less preachy, but then it wouldn't sound like Adam.
Nice article, great cause.
Great article and nice to get it from Adam's perspective. A big well done to ALL who took part.
That last little bit wasn't really quite fair. Lots of Hollywood types do a lot of charity work ... many behind the scenes.
resa, I think that last bit was pretty obviously directed at the ones who don't do that kind of thing already.
That was a great article. Too bad I didn't see them passing through Austin. Gorram it!
resa, I think that last bit was pretty obviously directed at the ones who don't do that kind of thing already.

Perhaps but it is this quote:

"To those of my Entertainment Industry brethren who have until now missed out on contributing their time (and/or cash please) with our American troops and veterans, whom we all support: "You talk the talk", pace Animal Mother, "Do you walk the walk?" Or better yet, will you please help ride the ride?

Skip your spinning or yoga class for a few days to join an upcoming Ride 2 Recovery event in a show of support to our heroic military men and women and their courageous families. "

that makes me think otherwise. ymmv though (hope it's ok to directly quote the article)
Clearly AB's comments were directed to those who have not been charitable with their time and/or cash. He even said as much in the very first line which was quoted.
Granted, it would come across as sounding a lot harsher if I wasn't already familiar with the Animal Mother dialogue reference in that part of the article.

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Since this is an AB thread- this is about as close to a place I'll have today to make the following observation:

Sitting here watching 'CHUCK' tonight... and lo and behold- what car do Sarah and Chuck have at the deserted drive-in in Barstow, CA?

None other than Nathan Fillion's (Alex Tully's) 1970 Dodge Challenger from 'DRIVE'!

That's so cool. I wonder if it was a shout-out, or just a crazy-random-happenstance?
Nice catch on the Drive shout-out.

Also, Casey stole one of Cappy's lines when he said "I will end you..."
O.K.... now this is just getting weird.

Watched the show a little further- and there's Alex's original Ford F-150 landscaper's pickup in the background, and they appear to be holed-up in one of the motor hotel locations that was also used in DRIVE.

There's just no way that they could have filmed CHUCK that long ago while DRIVE was still in production... but that's some serious synchronicity in the prop/location department!

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