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April 20 2009

Dr Horrible sequel at a theatre near you? SCI FI Wire reports on the Whedon brothers (and sister-in-law) thoughts regarding a Dr. H sequel.

Where possible, link to the original source.
I saw this over on Buffyfest a couple of days ago, and wondered whether posting it would be appropriate. Are we supposed to be an aggregate of all things Whedon, or is it better to avoid overlapping other fan sites?
Thanks for fixing Simon, sorry about that. A rookie mistake on my first page post - doh!

Simon, can you remove my pumpkin art tag please, because it's not relevant to this link? I tried but it didn't work.

ETA - Thanks Simon

Oh and Mercenary, I get all my Whedonesque info from here so I appreciate the overlap with other fan sites, since I don't personally use them.

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Are we supposed to be an aggregate of all things Whedon, or is it better to avoid overlapping other fan sites?

Not really bothered about what happens at other fansites, they do their thing we do ours. This item didn't posted at the time due to all the other Paley coverage. It's nice that someone did post it here.
I tried to follow @whedonesque, @whedonopolis and @whedoninfo all at the same time on Twitter and kept getting double-ups (and triple-ups). Of course, that doesn't mean people should start taking other sites into account, it means that each site should be as complete as possible so we only have to follow one...
"Penny is definitely dead, but there are ways,"

Ooh, HeadPenny! Like HeadSix and HeadBaltar. Stealing isn't wrong if it's awesome.
ZombiePenny or FrankenPenny.
Smoke Monster Penny?
Bad Penny?
OMG... how awesome would a resurrected Penny villain called "Bad Penny" (tagline, of course: she always turns up) be?
There's always Penny's identical (but evil) twin.
how awesome would a resurrected Penny villain called "Bad Penny" (tagline, of course: she always turns up) be?

obviously way, way more awesome than words can express.
There's always Penny's identical (but evil) twin.

Penny Dreadful.
Well, they could go for the Guinness record for longest bumper sticker ever. There doesn't seem to be a current record for it. I wonder how many cars it would take to display it...

Coming soon to cars near you...Dr. Horrible: The World Record.

Also, Dr. Horrible IS an evil scientist and could totally bring Penny back from the dead - and reprogram her to remove the incomprehensible (to him) Capt. Hammer fixation, or at least try. Oooh, or clone her, or invent a time machine to try and change the past. Then we could have two Dr. Horribles. That wonderflonium has got to be good for something besides a freeze-ray. Its wonderflorious!
I love headlines that are built on such general statements.

This easily could have been "Dr. Horrible... Puppet Style?"

Or "Dr. Horrible... Broadway?"

or "Dr. Horrible in Shadow Puppets on a Wall Near You..."

Really, they don't know the format Dr. Horrible 2 is coming in...

(don't bounce the Wonderflonium or that last one *just* might happen).
I just really hope, whatever they do with it, it continues to be a musical. A lot of the charm of the first Dr. H would be gone if it was just a straight-up "superhero movie".
Dr. Horrible... the mime event.

I'm not sure how I feel about a feature film. One of the reasons the original was so delightful was it's internetiness. I know that's not a word, but I'm not sure what the correct adjective is. I just think it would lose something.

Penny Dreadful, though? Yesplz.

Off-Broadway could be interesting As long as it came with Nathan and NPH still, of course.

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Hey. Whedon could totally rock some mime event.
I really want the bumper sticker!
I am feeling maybe Penny comes back for a dream sequence duet with Dr. H just like Grease 2. (Yeah, I watch too much TV.)

If not that then Zombie-Singing Penny. Action figure coming to stores soon with detachable limbs, extra brains sold separately.
Deranged by grief, Penny's twin, Justine, becomes the supervillain Penny Dreadful and teams up with nemesis-wannabe Johnny Snow to wreak vengeance on the not good Doctor. Hand ice-picked to a table scene optional.
Bad Penny and Penny Dreadful are both wonderful names! I say evil twin AND resurrected Penny!

Hey, what if, after figuring out how to remove the Captain Hammer fixation from her memory, Dr. Horrible gets the bright idea to replace that memory with, oh, I dunno, a special skill ordered by a client of the ELoE, and then he can hire her out as a hostage negotiator or a...

Shutting up now.
If Dr. Horrible were behind it, that WOULD explain the effectiveness of the Dollhouse...
I think they should stick to doing another 3 parter for the internet, that was a very appropriate medium, much better than a feature film might be.
A movie would be awesome! As long as it is a musical, and they do include Penny again (could you imagine it without Felicia?)! Maybe she could be a ghost haunting Dr. Horrible. I'd buy that. If a movie isn't possible, doing the same thing (internet 3-parter) would be just as good, if not better (umm, hello: free!)
Actually, I would watch a sequel irregardless of the medium.
Penny Dreadful=win.

Also, Zombie Penny. She likes Billy for his brainnssss.
Dr H was incredibly groundbreaking. What's so original or groundbreaking about making a Movie? The Studios will end up taking it over and upsetting the amazing business Model that was created by doing DH Independently, and on the Internet. JMHO

A twin for Penny?

The Smarter one could be Penny Wise... or Penny Sense

The business-owner twin could be Penny Earned

The twin thats always tired? Penny Spent

-I'm done now. Thankfully.

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Well, she always turn out to be "Penny Pretty" just a look-a-like for DH's dead lost love.
Our Michelle (Buffyfest) was definitely firmly against it. I think the "internettiness" (tm Squincin) is what Made Dr. H so amazing. I loved watching it roll out in real time and a movie version just wouldn't be the same. Still...I'm head over heels in love w Dr. Horrible, so more of it can't be that bad. Plus a "Grease 2 style Penny Flashback" (tm wilder) would be faboosh. Hee!

In other words, I'm slightly torn about the idea.
Whatever format it comes back in, and I'm rooting for a huge movie musical feature on a ridiculously grand scale, we will all like it.
And those who prefer a three-parter can just pay to see the movie three times, each time only going for a third of it.
I always pictured Dr. Horrible obsessively trying to find a way to bring Penny back to life, ala Mr. Freeze from Batman: The Animated Series. But he has to do it in secret, so that Bad Horse doesn't know he still cares about something.
Perhaps Billy, in his desperation, can make Android Penny. Ooooh, yes...and she can be all glitchy...
Whatever they come up with will be better than anything we're proposing or hoping to see happen, whatever the specific method of its production.

No unreasonable fannish pressure meant to the creators of course. None at all.
While I'll watch it no matter what form the sequel ends up taking, I hope that Joss & Co keep creative control out of the hands of any outside producers (especially if it's Fox!).

Since they talked at the Dr. Horrible PaleyFest panel about how because it's the Internet that there are no rules, I say make it bigger (be that budget and/or length) and still roll it out on the web to further prove that it's a viable business model.

And yes, Felicia must be on screen somehow. :)

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This makes me so very very happy!
Joss, brother, come on over to the theater. No studio execs forcing their opinion down your throat, no ratings, no commercials. Just your words, actors, and a stage. You will love it.

[ edited by streetartist on 2009-04-20 21:17 ]
Yes, there's absolutely no interfering politics in the theater world.

I'd be so happy with say a feature length, web-released version. I think I'd still love it even if it retained that "struggling budget" look, just as long as it were a feature length.
By the way, shouldn't that be "The Whedon Brothers... and the Whedon Sister"?
Nevermind. I am high. Not, but you know, acting like it.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-04-20 22:56 ]
I think, given the level of evil involved, the proper term is "accomplice" anyway.
By the way, shouldn't that be "The Whedon Brothers... and the Whedon Sister"?

Just for fun they run around the Whedon movie lot..
Well, since there's more guys than gals... I thing it would still be "The Whedon Brothers". Maybe we could combine and say "Mo-Whedons"? Hmm?
Can't we just say "the Whedons".
Oh, I guess you could do that bix. It seems so obvious now...
Just for fun they run around the Whedon movie lot..

Although, I think it would have to be the [Massive TV Network Placeholder] lot. And don't forget the constant efforts by nameless corporate executives to catch "those Whedons!" and lock them back up in the company water tower before they can come up with any more of those brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas.

...I'm taking this too far aren't I?
Did she change her name? Do we know that?
Yes. Or, you know, added to it. ;)

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