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April 20 2009

A video clip from the Dollhouse panel at Paley Fest. Features Joss chatting about episode 13 and his "hope" for more Dollhouse stories. Also has Eliza talking about Joss and Miracle speaking about her excitement for the show and her character.

Fun. I just hope this and the Dr. H. panels both make it to DVD somehow. I'd love to see the whole thing.
Something about hearing Whedon actually talking about his hope for season 2, and how Fox is looking at the ratings/etc, does indeed make me feel better.

Also, this photo is made of win! :-) [Also great pix: this and this.]
Ah, yay. I love listening to these things. :) Makes me feel as if I was there.

ETA: Oh, and a Whedonesque shout-out on the Dr. Horrible clip. ;) Go us!

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Also, this photo is made of win! :-) [Also great pix: this and this.]

<selfpromotion>And several of these!</selfpromotion>
Great pix, ProgGrrl and b!X.
ProgGrrl, that pic of Nathan and Joss made me smile :P

b!X, those pics are gorgeous! I love black and white. And that first one of Dichen is amazing.

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Ok, web savants. When I click this headline, I get the Paley Dr. Horrible video that crashed my browser a couple of days ago. But I recognize it by the first few seconds. I click it again, I get the same. Huh?
dreamlogic, look to the right of the screen and you'll see "Dollhouse" listed underneath "Dr. Horrible" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - click on that. The link takes you to the Dr. Horrible Paley video and you have to direct yourself to the Dollhouse one once you get there.

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Some of my faves:

Aw, they killed the bison.

No lips!

Beautiful smiles!

Fran is so cute.

Puppet Master

There are tons more (most of them sponsor Fran's hair) that I love, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse of bix's awesome seat (& photos). :D

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From the video clip alone, my love for Miracle has grown exponentially so.

And as ProgGrrl said, just hearing Joss saying that he had hope using his Joss-voice with his Joss-words... makes me bubble up with happy thoughts.
Awesome Photos B!x

Plus I'm really excited as they have just announced Miracle Laurie as a guest for the T1 Convention in the UK this weekend *does happy dance*

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