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April 20 2009

Neil Patrick Harris catches fire (just a little); press blames "remote pack malfunction". Mainstream media clearly in the tank for Freeze Ray manufacturer.

Last weeks teabagging jokes are going to quickly become this weeks "flaming" NPH puns. Bring em on.

Flame on, Neil!
You know you're in the thick of your field when you start getting unintentionally set on fire.
Dang! Good thing he was okay at least.
Wow, such action for a TV Land awards ceremony...

Stick with the ELoE, Neil. At least they don't set you on fire.
I'd go with a paparazzi jumping out from behind a bush startling him.

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I heard Nathan Fillion caught on fire once but it was on purpose because he is more badass.
Grr. I can never get anywhere with these links. I just get something about a redirect loop and then I'm pushed to the Uk site and never find what was posted.


But I read about that somewhere else. lol. Hehe.
sunfire: "I heard Nathan Fillion caught on fire once but it was on purpose because he is more badass. "

I'm sure he was karaoking "The Rose" in a very badass way at the time.
Their website doesn't work for me in firefox either - redirect loop - am also in the UK. Grr ;)

What does teabagging mean in American then? I'm pretty sure it means something else in UK English 0:-)
I honestly have no idea what it means in UK English. Explain?

In American though--I believe mostly depending on your age demographics--teabagging is either an ill-thoughtout protest likening itself to the Boston Tea Party (using actual bags of tea?) or a sexual/prank thing involving male anatomy. ...Check urbandictionary. I'm having trouble trying to explain the difference without giggling.

Anyhow, I don't really imagine that people would go for obvious NPH flaming jokes, I think that might just further cement his place in White Castle-based badassery.
Sunfire, is Nathan Fillion going to the new Chuck Norris? That'd be sweet.

"Jesus may walk on water, and Chuck Norris may swim through land, but Nathan Fillion could kick both their asses on Ninja Ropes." :)

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