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April 21 2009

(SPOILER) Franco Urru covers for the Dru two parter in Angel #24 & 25. We have already seen Nick Runge's covers for these two but now here are Franco's. Plus a special cover by U.K. illustrator Sam Shearon for #24.

Birdcage-head Dru is REALLY impressive. On par with Jo Chen.
Those are some super covers. Sidenote: "Druzilla"? I thought it was an "s".
It is an "s".

I think I asked him in a comment of another post if this Drusilla would be giant lizard-Dru harassing Tokyo, but I don't think he responded.

I hope it won't be spelled wrong in the comic.
Considering both Brian and Juliet are handling the script, I doubt it will be spelled wrong. Juliet saw countless scripts to know how to spell the name right lol.
Love the Sam Shearon one!
The Shearon version is simply stunning! :0
Wow. (birdcage-head) that is exactly how I imagine Dru! Trapped in a cage half the time. It's beautiful.

It is Drusilla with an S, right?

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It is, and it's spelled correctly in the script, don't you worry.
Yay for spelling! Thanks Brian.
That birdcage one is amazing!!
The cover by Shearon is simply stunning. Instead of saying it's on par with Chen, I actually think it surpasses it. Wow. The detail and color to the eyes is really impressive, the shading, the warm yellows on the left and the cool blues on the right. That is art with a capital A.

Absolutely love the symbolism of the birdcage door opening on Dru's vampface - letting the monster out to play.
WOAH! The birdcage cover is just AMAZING! That's the one I want, I hope it will be availabe and easily found! Not that the other covers don't look great as well...Have I mentioned how excited I am about these issues?? :-D
Just a thought; Why do some artists choose to make brown-grey-eyed characters blue-eyed?

I've noticed it with Buffy and now Drusilla(I'm probably forgetting some characters that are based on actors who's eye-color have changed).

Does this happen often in the comic world? It seems to happen in magazines as well, they change the eye-color of people they interview.

The only reason I can come up with is because sometimes blue looks more dramatic(on covers that can be okay).

It ticks me of a bit, to me it's a unnessacary continuity error. I'm very picky.

What do you guys think?
Just a thought; Why do some artists choose to make brown-grey-eyed characters blue-eyed?

Actually, I think the eye color depiction in this cover for Drusilla is just an exaggeration of her blue color best shown in this well-lit picture. Landau's eye color is most definitely a shade of blue. Though I agree I have noticed Buffy being drawn with blue eyes when hers are hazel. But most of the recent issues of Season 8 haven't made this mistake.
Is Spike going to be in these? I'm missing my Spike. *pout*
The Urru covers are a bit of a letdown. I'm hoping they're just an homage to Spike: Asylum, and not an actual indicator of what Dru's been up to...
Really, they're blue? My misstake, in that case it doesn't matter.
luvspike,I believe both Spike and Angel will be involved in the Dru story.


Chris offered some clarification on the Dru covers at his blog.

Issue 24 will have three regular covers.

The two new covers by Franco that are a homage to his Spike:Asylum cover are both for issue 24. along with the Runge cover.

The Sam Shearon cover is an incentive cover.There will also be a Dru photo cover for the issue.

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As far as I remember Dru has blue eyes and Juliet blue, but I might be mistaken.

But the "Birdcase Dru" is amazing, Im speechless.

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