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April 21 2009

The Pittsburgh TV Examiner weighs on "Castle" and Nathan's charms. The piece asks if "Castle" is truly the right home for Nathan Fillion but calls the show fun, well written and "slickly produced".

Castle may not be a home in which Fillion will retire and live out his golden years, but for now, he looks quite comfortable. Until he decides to relocate, I'll make time for Castle each week.

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Nathan Fillion is so talented that he can fit in a lot of different genres, and personally I'm just happy to see him in a good (highly visible) leading man role that allows him to show many sides to his character, particularly action, romance, and a lot of humor. I hope Castle gets renewed because I think it is really well written, with tight/fun dialogue, and I love the casting (they really haven't had a chance yet to let the light shine on the great minor characters).
I'm having a lot of fun watching Castle, but I can't help shake the feeling that nothing ever happens in procedurals. I'm perfectly content with that on a week-to-week basis, but it'd be nice to see some character development by the end of the season. I wouldn't like to speculate on how likely that'll be though...
Castle is a lot of fun. I don't feel chemistry between Castle and Beckett (yet), but they are fun to watch together. I pay more attention to Nathan than the rest of the cast (as a fan of his previous work, he's the reason I tuned in), and I have to say he really nails whatever emotion is needed in the scene. His facial expressions are priceless. He's great with the funny and the serious. I pray that ABC gives Castle another season and an earlier timeslot. I think it could really do well given a chance.
The perfect show for Nathan was Firefly. That said, my daughters and I are loving Castle. Nathan is great in it and the supporting cast is great. It gets better and better each week and I hope it does get renewed. I was hoping this show would be a big hit for him because the world needs to see what a great actor this guy is. Anyway, if I can't have more Mal, Castle will do.

I love how they are always showing him playing games with his daughter too. And the scene where his mother showed up at the gala cracked me up. We can't tell my husband's mother where we are going for special occaisions because she's been known to just show up too!!
I like the show, but it may not even be in my top 10 currently airing shows at the moment. Probably for the reason Mattk suggested above.

However, I did love last nights episode. When Castle was sitting in the car near the end was hilarious. And Beckett in that dress, HOT!
Castle had me at that first poker game with Stephen J. Cannell and James Patterson giving Castle advice, and telling him that his ideas are too boring! I really hope they have more poker.
I too love this show. And probably just because of Nathan. But it is going to have to improve in the plot area for me. Last night's ep left me wanting more explanation of WHY the killer was so dark. The murders were beyond gruesome and yet we had no idea why he would be motivated to be so horrible. The perp that was locked up and the guy who was taking pictures of everyone's jewelry seemed to be sooo frightened of this guy. But we get 2 minutes of him at the very end. Not very satisfying. I want to see why they were so scared. I think I would like a little less comedy.

Yes, and more poker games.
Here is the thing about Castle, and I'm finding this season of Bones to be the same way.

The actual crime case part of the shows are very very weak. Last nights Castle was a fun episode, but the resolution of the crime and how they find the guy out was pretty lame. I could have made up a better climax. The show is fun because of Nathan Fillion and because of his interactions with Stana Katic. It's a FUN show to watch. But it is certainly not a serious crime drama.

Bones has been slipping this season as well. The crime aspect of the show used to be strong, now its totally an afterthought. The characters in that show make it fun and worth watching. The crime solving? Not as much.
I hope Castle gets renewed. I love watching Nathan on the TV each week & he deserves to be the next big TV star.

I really am not enjoying 'Surviving Suburbia'-- that show is terrible & totally unfunny. I blame to drop in ratings for Castle on that lousy show. What was ABC thinking?
I've noticed that the genre has switched a bit from mystery to police procedural.

That's not why I'm watching anyway. Nathan is great, and so is his TV family.
The tone of Castle reminds me of Nash Bridges, which was a modest success. Neither show was/is appointment TV for me, but something to watch if I happen to be in the mood.

Mr. Fillion is as good as the material lets him be. You could say the same for Ian McShane when he was the star of Lovejoy.
recoil: I have to agree with you. I've loved Bones over the past few seasons, but the plots for many of this year's episodes have been pretty weak. Not sure why this is. Anyone know if there were major writing staff changes this year?
Nathan was born to play Mal Reynolds. Anything less than that is wasting his potential. That being said, the only reason I watch Castle (aka Murder, She Wrote with a penis), is because Nathan makes it worth watching. The writing, plots, and other characters are bland and uninteresting.
Murder, She Wrote with a penis

I don't remember ever seeing Jessica do that.
Umm... would she write that on black paper?
I stick by my earlier assessment of Castle - without Nathan, I'd never watch it - predictable and boring. With Nathan, I never miss it.
I like Stana Katic and the girl who plays his daughter, too.

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