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April 21 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg remembers high school woes. Former Buffy's little sister had a rough time in high school in real life too: kids were cruel, boys made fun of her and no one asked her out. So she's happy it's over.

As for all those guys who didn't ask her out?

"Ha! Look at me now ... I have boobs."

You tell 'em Michelle!!! Wow those guys must feel like idiots!!
She was really cute even when she was in HS. Stupid boys.
She was cute when she was younger but she turned into quite a beauty.
Indeed, sounds like a school full of some dumb frickin' guys. She was already en route to becoming the best looking woman on a show of great looking women in Season 7, and she's only improved since then.
'Ha! Look at me now ... I have boobs'

She's really doing wonders for the feminist movement.
Being proud of her boobs is not feminist?
It can't have been that bad. That was when she became a star of her favourite TV show.
Got to agree with Sunfire on the boobs comment.

Isn't being proud of your body/sexuailty a good thing?
"Ha! Look at me now ... I have boobs."

Actually that would be a great slogan for the MTF transgender movement.
Trans rights is a movement. MTF is an identity. And I think being seen and treated as a woman is usually the point, rather than saying "look at me now!" which is about before/after contrast.
Well, I think that she could have said 'Ha! Look at me now ... I am a rising star and have a strong career in Hollywood'. She is a powerful woman and I think she has alot more to be proud of than her boobs. Mentioning her body/sexuality as the one thing she would say to her old high-school oppressors, betrays her actual substantial achievements.
I think we're looking a bit too deeply into a funny comment.
If we had evidence that her looks were all she valued about herself, I'd agree with you, stuffy. But she was already a fairly famous rising star back when she was getting picked on. The kids she went to school with would've seen her be Nona Mecklenberg, Harriet The Spy, and then Dawn Summers. I think in this context her change in looks as she's gotten older is probably what she's focusing on in a quick, one-off comment because she probably felt unattractive in high school.
Ah yes, i know its not that big a deal. I recently wrote a thesis relating to feminism, so i'm kinda hypersensitive to this kind of stuff at the moment. It doesn't do her any favours in my opinion, but yes, it was just a throwaway jokey comment.
Hear that noise?
It got nothing to do with feminism.

If you want to make boys mad, show them what they can't have.

Maybe her chest-less was what made them cruel. In that case, it would be a good come-back, having boobs.
Poor ole MT, one irreverent remark about high school cruelty (and what girl that went through high school didn't have some comment hurled at them that struck at the core of their blossoming womanhood that didn't hurt - not many. She's 23, so high school is not quite distant yet) and she's criticized. I'd take a million boob jokes if one woman could be saved from being beaten by their husband or stoned to death; that's primarily where my sense of feminism lies.

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Michelle is not the spokesperson for feminism. She's doing an interview as Michelle, giving her own answers. I don't even know if she considers herself a feminist--maybe she doesn't. One could argue that because she's a young woman in the spotlight, she has a responsibility to watch what she says. However, I've never bought into the whole celebrity culture where we elevate people and expect them to be role models just because they act on some TV show.

I also see nothing wrong with being proud of one's body, nor any reason why she shouldn't be just as proud of her body as she is of her work. Self-acceptance is important; after what she went through in high school, if she's gained that, good for her.

[ edited by Dizzy on 2009-04-21 22:17 ]
Yeah, my study of feminism mostly related to women's representation in popular entertainment. So i'm quite sensitive to characters or actresses being represented by their sexuality rather than their strength of character. So thats where my sense of feminism lies and where my earlier comment came from. I admit, I was reading alot into a small comment. Its just how my brain is working at the moment!
The interview is much better than the comments.
Sunfire: "Trans rights is a movement. MTF is an identity. And I think being seen and treated as a woman is usually the point, rather than saying "look at me now!" which is about before/after contrast."

A.) It was a joke (both my comment and Michelle's).

B.) As a "cissexual participant" in a "How to Talk Trans" conference, let me say that I am very familiar with the rules of the Trans language police. The "now I have boobs" line wouldn't really work for the FTM identity. Hence my specificity of MTF. In the FTM case, the joke might be "where'd my boobs go?" :)

C.) Everyone I know who is going through their transition process appreciate any and every opportunity for a good trans boob joke. They certainly don't want to be talked about like they have leukemia.
"Ha! Look at me now ... I have boobs."

Must. Not. Make. Creepy. Lecherous. Comment.
Other scattered irreverence based on old moldy commercials:

"Is it boobs yet?"

"I shall grow no boobs before their time."
The best part of waking up are boooOOOOooobs in your cups

Where's the boobs?

Please don't squeeze the--OK, I can't finish that one. :D
And now this thread has taken a decidedly more interesting turn. :)
As someone who was actually quite ugly in highschool (and beyond) and didn't have starring roles in multiple movies/TV shows...I don't really have that much pity for her. Like she said, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
A brief word about the world: ladies (and gentlemen, too) no matter who you are, there will always be someone prettier, smarter, shapelier, taller, shorter, wider, more voluptuous, slimmer, better complected, nicer, friendlier, meaner, wealthier, poorer, funnier, more serious, more talented, less talented than you are. Just because Ms. Trachtenberg chooses to talk about her experiences and makes reference to something that may or may not be important to her, doesn't make her or anyone else a target for derision. She may be prettier, but really, looks are amazingly fluid and no matter who you are, they will change sooner or later. So, let's all enjoy her talents, humor, and gifts and not harbor any ill will.
She should have gone to my school, i'd have asked her out!
Must. Not. Make. Creepy. Lecherous. Comment.

Daddy like!

Oh! Oh, no! Daddy no— I wasn’t— when I was looking, I wasn’t… oh, god!
This thread is somethin' else.
So true, Peanut Noir, though I'm the most and the least SNT-est there is and could possibly be in the whole wide one. So put that in your pie-tin, etc. And instead of focusing on the boobs comment, why don't we all focus on the "Men get sexier with age" quote. 'Cos, you know, some of us are marking chronological millstones milestones this year . . . :-)
Yeah, get a load of my growing spare tire, ladies!
What, you're like 30 SNT? Damn Kids, GET OFF MY LAWN!!


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Like 30, but soon with extra decadey goodness (in the lingo of 1998).
Try as I might, I still can't seem to focus away from the boobs. Try, try, try. Nope, doesn't work. Boobs are good, thank you very much.
You men do get sexier even with your spare tires. More to hug!!

I remember having perky boobs - miss them - sob!

Do your boobs hang low do they wobble to & fro ... yup, that's what us ladies get look forward too.
Yeah? Well...I'm a year older than Amber, and have guys Tony's age (And older) hitting on me.

Talk about Disturbedville.

I could understand it if I was some kind of bombshell, but if I were ever cast in a role it'd be "Gorgeous lead's bland best friend" or "Early victim of insane serial killer before he goes after the stunning lead characters."

Hmm...and I just thought of a comment regarding people who "prize" a certain part of their anatomy: "You are what you flaunt."
Peanut Noir:

The interview is much better than the comments.

Uhm. Ouch?
Hmm... It's not the first time Michelle mentions her.. assets.. issues perhaps?? *grin*
Oh, I saw a recent Newsweek video of Michelle about the same issues. Among others she talked about her high school years (stupid boys), Gossip Girl - and yes, her boobs. (I guess I should've posted the link before... Well, it'll fit nicely in this thread.)
Try as I might, I still can't seem to focus away from the boobs. Try, try, try. Nope, doesn't work. Boobs are good, thank you very much.

Peanut Noir

Nothing can beat the boobs... No, wait!

ETA.: Anyone but me is getting problems with the video that Valerie posted? When I click at hte play arrow one Newsweek video loading page open but the video never runs.

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I can watch the video just fine with Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

And yes, Michelle is a looker, but waaaayy too pale for my taste.

[ edited by Krusher on 2009-04-22 18:02 ]
Pics or it didn't happen. :D

At any rate, it's pretty well known that high school guys are idiots. I'm sure there are girls (and guys) I went to high school with who are way more attractive now and vice versa. I hope for her sake that Michelle isn't one of those people hung up on high school. It's so dumb and unimportant, but so many people just can't get past it. I guess for some it really is the high point of their lives.
Pics of a pale Michelle? Just watch the ermm paleyfest (pun intended) video :o
I believe translucent is the word you're looking for. :)
How can one not like pale women? *sigh*

And for the record, Michelle is not pale in that video.

[ edited by Satai (with Punsch) on 2009-04-22 21:45 ]
I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings with the comment regarding the comments. . .

I like boobs and I can't lie. Its a good thing I don't actually have any, or else I'd likely never actually get any work done.

Growing up in New Navarre (the actual pre-territorial name for Arizona), pale is very unusual, and highly desirous (that's my PC way of saying Ms. Trachtenberg is a freakin' hot lass). And Arizonans can tell people a thing or two about hot.

Translucence is a physical trait of European aristocracy.

One more thing: since it's a fair chance she'll see this, I'd have to tell her that her looks probably intimidated the boys in high school. Guys won't ask a girl out if they know she won't say 'yes.'

[ edited by Peanut Noir on 2009-04-23 03:29 ]
Now I have the Tick in my head shouting "Booooob!"

What a power.

And, yes, Peanut Noir, boobs can be quite fun to play with. It's one of the things I'm glad I have. And they're not nearly as sensitive as "man-parts". :)
I like Michelle more and more every time I read interviews and things with her. Plus, she wins points for being my first on-screen crush as Harriet the Spy (I was six; I swear it's not creepy). What a cool lady.
And here we se the wonderful diversity of this place. I do indeed appreciate boobs, and all other parts of the female anatomy for that part, and pale women, but have difficult to see Michelle as anything else then cute kid Dawn.
Sometimes someones cool lady is someone elses cute kid.

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