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April 21 2009

Eliza on Bonnie Hunt Interview. Fun fact: Eliza's brothers used to throw her in the dryer and spin her around when she was younger.

Eliza's brothers used to throw her in the dryer and spin her around when she was younger
My Dad did that to one of my Uncles and got in big trouble. It's a story I heard a lot growing up. :D
My brother Jim did it to my brother Jeff. I never got put in the dryer, but they did bury me in sand in the sandbox and jump on me off of the swingset. Just the usual sibling thing.
And I thought my sister was cruel.
That explains a lot.
I thought dryer-fun was a rule when you were the youngest...
I'm having flashbacks to my own childhood. Aren't big brothers fun? ;)
It happened to me. Many many many times. I considered it a rite of passage.
Well, did Eliza ever toss her brothers in the dryer...with help from a few friends who also had mean older brothers?
Anyway, I DVR'd the show, and I will be sure to see it.
Wow, I am surprised how many people of experienced this! Yikes. Glad you all survived, hehe.
Really enjoyable interview that one. Eliza seemed even more comfortable than normal.
Wow comfortable? All she really heard was you're gorgeous and i'm just kinda there and no one wants me...poor bonnie!! Sucks to be her!
She is so sweet, I love Eliza.
Oh, I thought she did a fab job, and she of course looked stunning. So great that she took her nephew to the Bahamas. I can totally picture that...Aunt Eliza, ah.
Great interview but shouldn't this have a spoiler tag given that clip from a future episode?

And I'm glad Eliza survived to tell the tale of the dryer
Eliza said "there's four great more shows coming up". So Epitaph One is going to air after all?

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Yikes! I'm also kind of surprised by how many of you have experienced this. That would have scared the crap out of me had my older siblings tossed me in the dryer when I was little!
Do those of you who received the dryer treatment suffer from severe claustrophobia? Or an unnatural aversion to fabric softener?
Eliza seemed much... less than herself in this interview. I realize that it's Bonnie Hunt, and maybe I haven't seen enough interviews with Eliza, but usually she's wearing dark red lipstick and thick eyeshadow, low cut shirts, and seems much more sexual than she was in this interview. Maybe it's an effect of cons, but usually in panels that I've seen she carries herself much differently.

Also, I'm so glad I never got tossed in the dryer. I thought that was deadly. o.O;
I guess I'm lucky my brother only practiced his taekwondo on me.
I used to hide in the dryer when we played hide and seek in my house. Thank goodness none of my brothers ever thought to turn it on!
Ah memories, yup I also took a trip in the dryer. Older brothers are so much fun!

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This probably should have a spoiler tag because of the preview clip for "Haunted".

Very nice interview.
I wasn't quite sure about the spoiler tag because it's a clip on a talk show, and I didn't find it too spoilery. but I shoud've been better safe that sorry, so sorry about that.

Also, VeryVeryCrowded, I think you're so used to seeing Eliza darker, and sexier etc. on talk shows, because she usually does the Late Shows, and not daytime. Ithink this is only the 2nd time outside of Regis and Kelly that I saw her on a daytime show.

Maybe thats just me.
Fun fact: Eliza's brothers used to throw her in the dryer and spin her around when she was younger.

That's disturbing. She is emotionally scarred and will turn out badly.
Did anyone else notice how the Bonnie Hunt set looked like The Dollhouse a bit?

It has the two level design with metal rails, warm earth tones, and mysterious doors leading to nowhere. The only difference is the big window, but that is like the one in the head office.

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Eliza's brothers used to throw her in the dryer and spin her around when she was younger

Is that why all the hairs all over my body pucker their follicles whenever she's on tv? Static electricity!

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