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April 21 2009

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz as one of TV Guide's Sexiest Stars - video. Nice video of TV Guide's photo shoot for sexiest stars with David. Small end of season spoiler.

Sexist? Now that's an unfortunate typo.
Love DB. Too bad I could never like the show Bones. :(
The guy is gorgeous. I love the shots with the open shirt and undone tie!
*minor droolfest*

I love Bones. Awesome show. The writings been a bit sloppy in some areas this season but I still love it.

[ edited by Shep on 2009-04-21 21:15 ]
I haven't actually heard David speak since the end oF Angel, and boy does he sound different now? WAY more Californian?
Oh, I believe it!! Sexiest, not Sexist :)

Did anyone see Bones last night? David was so funny and cute!
Did you hear the singing? He didn't murder it like Mandy (which was supposed to be bad), I thought the first line was nice. He has a good voice, but possibly a bit of trouble keeping in tune!
And the dancing reminded me of Cordy's party in the Angel episdode She. One of my favourite Angelverse scenes!

[ edited by Shep on 2009-04-21 22:51 ]
I squeed a lot upon discovering that his singing skills aren't as entirely absent as they were on Angel, even if that struck me as a really weird way to break up a catfight at a funeral. And sexiest, indeed. Hehe.
Will anyone be able to post that scene on youtube soon? Really wanna catch that!
It's on Hulu already, BlueSkies. That's where I watched it.
Sexist? Now that's an unfortunate typo.

??? Looks ok now. Thought I spelled it correctly ... did someone fix it???

And BlueSkies - this is the link to youtube.
Thanks Taaoko but it's not available outside the US! And I resa, I meant the bit with him singing...we're a bit behind on episodes over here...
Yes, I fixed it, it was typo'd x2 :).
oops ... thanks zeitgeist ... definitely an unfortunate typo (x2). (blushes)
MMmmmm there's just not enough posts on Whedonesque about how sexy David is. Thanks for making my day. ;)

*waves my Angel fangirl banner*
Oh yeah that singing was ear-numbing. It was hilarious to have both Brennan (good) & Booth (bad) sing in this episode. Further *layers* onto the characters.

Very nice photos. But did anyone else notice that the red shirt was inside-out? I guess to hide the writing on it? I saw the tag on the shirt first and then during the interview you see some of the word imprints on the front. ;)

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