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April 22 2009

Christian Kane and company back to work on Leverage. They are keeping fans in the loop on twitter and blogs without being too spoilery. They start airing in June on TNT and the 1st season DVD is slated for a July release.

Also Mark Sheppard is now on twitter which I found out via #leverage. This year they are filming the series in Portland, OR. Which made the local news in the area. Christian looks really happy.

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Seems bizarre they'd release the DVD after the new season starts. You'd think they'd want people to be able to catch up if they haven't seen it but want to start.
It looks like TNT is going to run the 1st season again, starting in May to build up to season 2. So a July release works to their advantage.
RavenU - is there a specific post you wanted to link to on that blog?
The Rogers ones, a couple of them have video and photos of Christian.
Really fun show... do give it a shot when the reruns begin if you enjoy a good old fashioned con with lots of humor on the side.
I love that show. XD Totally want it on DVD.

Though mostly I just heart Alec, Parker & Eliot. lol. Hehe.

(Actor who plays Alec was also in castle the other day and he was in ses. 2 of Supernatural.)
Dean Devlin is on Twitter and he directed the 1st episode of Season 2. "The more Christian gets angry & frustrated on camera, the funnier it is." @DeanDevlin or @Electric44

I have not been able to find Mark Sheppard's Twitter acct though.
Timothy Hutton is @T47 but he does not say much.
Beth Riesgraf was on there but something happened to her account. It was @bethriesgraf but comes up blank now.
I used Google to find Mark Sheppard's Twitter account.Took all of 30 seconds.
Found him...


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Yay for Leverage! Good fun.
A thoroughly enjoyable show that's just a lot of fun. It doesn't take itself too seriously and has quirky but not annoying characters. I was extremely happy to hear that the show had not been cancelled.
According to Twitter, the @mark_sheppard account is owned by Janet McAuslan? I don't know who that is. Anyone?
Yay .... just can't wait for this show to come back. ;)

I was extremely happy to hear that the show had not been cancelled.
angel fan | April 23, 02:14 CET

Yeah, good it's on TNT, not .... umm, some network channel or other.
This is an amazing show, I hope that rerunning the first season will bring in a lot more viewers, and I can't wait for the second season to begin! I had no trouble finding Tim Hutton @T47 but I'm having no luck find anything @mark_sheppard.
Y'all are all Twitterpated. :)

Also, Mark Sheppard.

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