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September 10 2003

Joss Makes the OED Buffy is mentioned in an article in the Oxford English Dictionary newsletter, about how the big ole book is starting to use film and television scripts for citations.

"and much (a colloquial use of the adverb, forming elliptical questions or comments) cited from the film script to the high-school satire Heathers (1988), a sense whose whole quotation paragraph reflects the influence that film and television have had in shaping the language, with further quotations from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer film script and a shooting script from the U.S. television series The Sopranos."

Thanks for the link. That is the coolest thing ever.

Having worked at a place where we were in a position to call earliest citations to their attention, I know how receptive they are becoming to input from a variety of sources new to them. So this is not unexpected, but still very awesome.

Smug much?
Another reason why I love this site, thanks for posting :). Wonder if Jane Espenson knows about this?
Here's the entry:

much B.1.h

h. colloq. (orig. U.S., freq. ironic). With a preceding adjective, infinitive verb, or noun phrase, forming an elliptical comment or question.

The use was popularized by the film Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and the television series derived from it.
  1988 D. WATERS Heathers (film script) 15 God Veronica, drool much? His name's Jason Dean. 1988 D. WATERS Heathers (film script) 86Heather Duke. It was J.D.'s idea! He made out the signature sheet and everything. Now will you sign it. Veronica. (queasy) No. Heather Duke. Jealous much? 1992 J. WHEDON Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film script) 8 A stranger, walking the other way, bumps into Buffy, doesn't stop...Buffy. Excuse much! Not rude or anything. 1992 J. WHEDON Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film script) 25 Pike and Benny have entered the diner, quite drunk... Kimberly (to the other girls) Smell of booze much. 1998 M. BURGESS & R. GREEN Isabella in Sopranos (television shooting script) 1st Ser. 1 42 Anthony Jr. Probably I can't go to that dance now either. Meadow. God, self-involved much? 2001 Cosmopolitan Dec. 178 You've seen them: the kinds of couples who finish each other's sentences... Jealous much? Damn right.

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