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April 22 2009

Eliza will be on Last Call with Carson Daly. Tomorrow (Thursday) chatting about Dollhouse. She'll also be a guest on the nationwide American radio show Loveline on Thursday night as well.

Awesome! Thanks edcsLover9. It's great to see Eliza getting some exposure on the talk show circuit. Hopefully it will help drum up some more viewers for the last handful of episodes of season 1!
Ms. Dushku leaves no stone unturned.
I'm looking forward to seeing Eliza on Carson. He always seems knowledgeable about his guests' projects and, unlike his breezier talkshow-host counterparts, tends to go into greater depth in his interviews. Also, he's a shameless flirt, so he'll probably have her laughing, sassing back or blushing furiously -- maybe all three! ;)

As an aside for anyone up and reading this (esp. West Coasters), I thought I'd mention that Michelle Trachtenberg is about to be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon right now (4/22). She's the second guest listed, so should be coming on around 1:15 or so, I think. Neil Patrick Harris is scheduled to appear as the first guest on Friday night's show.
So, I tell you guys about it, then my power goes out before I can see the ep. That's karma for you.
Your power went out tomorrow?
Well, my power came on about 10 mins ago, and my little description thing on my tv said she was on at 130 thurs morning which was about an hour ago here. But, my tv description thing could've been wrong.
It's not unusual for TV listings to consider late-night post-midnight shows to be a part of the prior day, not the literal calendar day. NBC's website has her on tomorrow's show, which is considered Thursday's even though it technically airs in the wee hours of Friday morning.
ah, good stuff. thanks b!x
Eliza's gonna be on Loveline? Oh, she'll be fantastic! I may have to listen to it.

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