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April 22 2009

(SPOILER) Preview the next episode of Dollhouse. Fox's YouTube Channel has four clips from 'Haunted'. So without further ado here's part one, part two, part three and part four.

Part four is just wrong.
Part 4 is hilarious, b!x! Hilarious. "In a world where all men are guilty until proven dead..."

Is it Friday yet?
This is posted to Dr. Horrible. FYI.
Clip four is so great. I want to do that.
bonzob, do you want to do that specifically with Dichen Lachman, or with Sierra, or just generally as a cool date?

Also, I thought Eliza got the mannerisms of an older woman speaking animatedly whilst slowly eating/drinking just right. It reminded me a little of my grandmother.
Well I meant play lazer tag on the Dollhouse set, but come to think of it, playing with Sierra would be cool too.
I love part 4. Looks like we'll be seeing Topher interact a little more with an active. He always seems so distance when they are as dolls in the house, or when they have been imprinted. He may care about getting them back in one piece, but he doesn't usually interact with them.

And Laser tag is an awesome date to have.
Anyone else love that weird little shrug of Topher's in part one? "Twice as no fun...," goofy shrug. Awesome. Poor Boyd.

Also, Eliza. With the pretty damn awesome acting. Right? Good for her.
Love it :D

I was a bit worried about it being a standalone just when the arc was getting really good but this one looks really interesting. I think gone are the days when the standalones had little connection (not that they didn't have any) I think we're entering Buffy territory. Motw’s always had great character insights.

Eliza’s superb!
I also think this will still be very much grounded in the already established universe. Maybe like "True Believer", with the engagement as the A story, and then there's the whole Topher/Boyd/Sierra-bit in the Dollhouse. I think it'll come out as way more arc-related as, say... "Go Fish".
I love the fourth preview :D This looks great.
I don't normally watch previews because I prefer to stay unspoiled and want the show to be fresh when I watch it whole, but I just couldn't resist with this episode. Re-watched the first nine episodes over last weekend, and we haven't had Dollhouse for two weeks!

This one looks very exciting, hopefully we will be getting some lovely Adelle moments, with her loosening up a bit with her deceased friend (which sounds very odd). Can't wait until tomorrow!
Hulu's got 'em too! I like dead friend.

ETA link.

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Love part 4.

And can't wait to see more of Eliza as dead friend. In just those few short snippets, I'd completely forgotten she was Echo, for the first time- her mannerisms were just so perfect.
Looking forward to see more of her and Adelle interacting. They really seemed to bounce off one another well in this one.

You know it's going to be a fabulous ep when there's lazer tag, though :)
Like all most everyone else, love part 4. Can't wait.
I like the idea of part 4. The actual "fight" was a bit silly / badly done. But the final dialogue totally made it great.
This is nitpicky, but I don't like Topher's hair in the first clip.
I think Fran Kranz suggested a while back that there be an episode where he plays chess with an imprinted Active. It looks like, in a way, he got what he wanted. I like the idea of laser tag, that's awesome. I also like the interaction between Boyd and Topher. Those two actors seem to balance each other out in a way that's sort of hard to explain. The best way I can put it is that Boyd appears to fade into the background in scenes with Echo or Claire.

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Part 4 was awesome. Topher is my favorite for a reason.
I have to say I am pretty impressed with Eliza'a acting, and clip it! It felt very andrew-like and I miss Andrew.

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