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April 23 2009

EW prescribes 'Dollhouse' (among other shows) for 'Lost' withdrawal. There are no actual spoilers for Dollhouse but there may be for the other shows mentioned.

Dollhouse committed one of the biggest mistakes a new TV show can make in today's TV world: Not getting out of the gate well. Our snap-judgment culture tends to lock a show into a singular perception that it can't quite shake, even if the show itself evolves and improves, as Dollhouse has.

Well all these positive articles are great, although probably a little too late to make much of a difference now.
I don't watch lost, but anything that might bring more attention to Dollhouse is good in my book.
I don't watch Lost either. I thought it had finished and gone off the air. Can anyone explain?
Its last season is next year.

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I agree that the positive press is probably too late to improve the ratings of season 1 much in the immediate future. However, they could have a positive effect in the long run. Potential viewers could check the series out on DVD or start watching with season 2. And all the positive reviews over the last few weeks could strenghten the position of the people at FOX who want to renew the show for another season.
Yep, good critical buzz certainly won't hurt. In fact, they'd help re´nforce the idea that, hey, this show isn't all bad. And I'm sure some of the executives are figuring the "hey, more people might watch this if we renew" into their decission.

(Also, I watch and love 'Lost'. It's been really, really, really good since the end of S3 and hasn't let up yet).
This is a good idea. Like Dollhouse, Lost is a show that seriously messes with your brain. Heroes, and to a lesser extent BSG, do much the same.

What I love about Dollhouse though is that it remains well-grounded. It has its single sci-fi premise, and that's it. There is none of the fate and inexplicable mysticism that we find in these other shows. No angels, smoke monsters, or wacky destiny-driven coincidences. Nothing supernatural or paranormal, just the eternal mysteries of the human mind and a mazework of conflicting and conflicted notions of morality.

It's just so... neat.

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