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April 23 2009

A new Buffy and Angel crossword from the Puzzle Hub. This time a tad smaller and in a strung out variant.

Havenít solved it yet so I can't vouch for the quality. But it'll probably be entertaining.

Some of the clues are a bit weird, but overall it was fun. I forgot the answer to #3, but got the rest.
3 was was pretty easy compared to the previous one...
I got them all except 7. I'm--ahem--clueless. (In that I have a clue, but not its answer.)
I love these, thanks!
7 is Showtime Sassafras!!
Yay, something Whedony to tide me over until 'Haunted'!

Because, all the cool kids do puzzles :)
Thanks BlueSkies. I kept thinking of possibilities, but nothing fit. I knew there was never a very special Buffy Goes to Washington episode.

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