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April 23 2009

Want to ask Miracle Laurie about Dollhouse? DollhouseTVForum needs your questions.

Does anyone know if anything happened with the other interviews this forum was doing? I seem to recall there having been rather a few...
Tahmoh and Craft & Fain went fine, DeKnight was too busy "polishing his ep" to answer (fine by me, looking at the awesomeness of "The Target"... :) and Maurissa got the questions just recently.

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Plus, don't forget she's at Starfury: T1 all weekend starting tomorrow! :D I have plenty of questions I'm wanting to ask her.

[ edited by Simon on 2009-04-23 21:08 ]
Um. Yeah, that comment won't survive long.
tinktanker: Classy. Don't ever say anything like that here again.
She is easily the most attractive young lady on the show.

I have several questions, but after half an hour I still have not received my forum activation email for the site. Grrr.
^ Hmmm that's a little weird. Did you check your Junk mail?

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