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April 23 2009

Dollhouse is a show TV Worth Watching wants to see renewed. 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and 'Castle' are also listed as shows that TV Critic David Bianculli thinks should be renewed.

Unfortunately for this guy you cant just beg to keep everything on the air... business is business, begging doesn't change that... He just seems to like everything, I don't even disagree with him, but I have priorities over smaller shows in my heart....
He didn't beg to keep everything. He listed a number of shows he thought deserved renewal, and then separated and singled out all of two shows he begged for.
You are right, but I'm just saying, a lot of want... I am just starting to see that shows I watch does not equal shows that make networks money
Tsk...not one mention of Chuck.
I twittered the following earlier:

"Let's make next week #watchdollhouse week: episode 6 on Mon 4/27, 7 on Tues 4/28, leading up to 10 & 11 on Fri 5/1. #dollhouse"

I know this idea has been bantered about, but it seems like next week is the week to do it because it's the last week "Man on the Street" is available on Hulu. Is anyone interested in helping make this happen? I have some time today, but I don't really have any experience with this sort of thing so I'm not sure who to contact.
I saw you tweet that, and remember we'd been bantering the idea around here, I think. Let me get my coffee flowing first.
What's the actual expiration date for MotS? I thought Hulu used to put the exporation date on the site, but I don't see it.
I think it's five at a time, so "Haunted" will replace "True Believer" on Saturday the 25th, and "Briar Rose" will replace "Man on the Street" May 2. But I don't know that officially.
Okay, I'm coffee'ing and working up jkalderash's idea into a site, so we can both push the idea and not have to keep re-explaining it (esp. via tweet, where characters are limited).
If you put the episode in your queue, you can see exactly when it'll expire even if it doesn't say on the show's page. Looks like May 2nd is correct (always assuming nothing changes).
Okay, I know the cheese stands alone here, but I agree with the article. I do love Dollhouse, but Life is my favorite show on TV right now. If and when it gets canceled, which is probable, it's going to break my heart.
Anyone knows some type of proxy site (like slimtrust or hidemyprivacy) that I can use to see Dollhouse in Hulu?
Only to count couse I use to download the show, however this don't count as a viewing and the hotspotshield didn't works in Linux.

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