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April 23 2009

Brian Lynch interview in "IDW The First Decade". Read the fab Angel feature from the soon to be released book that celebrates IDW's first ten years.

It's the Chapter 14 link in case you're wondering where to find it.

I guess I didn't read the title carefully enough, cause when I clicked the link I was expecting something about a comic following the first 10 years of Angelus' life.

But the IDW retrospective is cool too.
Awesome chapter. Great art, great interview.
Wish I could zoom in to read it.
Good interview, Buffyfantic i think you need to update your program or something cus you can zoom in to read the whole interview.
Argh. Seems it would be interesting to read, but I get too annoyed at that kind of "creative" interface to read text. There's html, there's pdf, there's even the bad flashes, but who in their right mind came up with text following your mouse when zooming? This is exactly the kind of "creativity" that drives people to figure out how to circumvent the system, and pretty much forces them to the torrent side of the internet.

Ah well, rant over. Too bad I can't comment on the actual article...

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