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April 23 2009

Faces of the Festival: Emma Caulfield. Emma discusses her Tribeca entry TiMER, as well as a rather unorthodox treatment for a bladder infection.

Excellent story! I wish Emma was like Scarlett Johansen or Samuel L. Jackson and in every single thing ever, but that I could like what I was watching, too.
That trailer looks good, I forgot how much I love Emma!
Emma Caulfield and Kali Rocha in the same film!
And it looks promising.
I'd see it, sounds like a pretty neat flick.
Oh my! to that bladder infection story.
The bladder infection story makes it sound like Emma needs an anatomy lesson.
And on the day the gross out chick flick was born . . .

ETA Serious! If anyone can cross that genre boundary with style, panache and screwball wit, it's Emma.

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Yeah, I think she's thinking of a different kind of infection with the garlic... yikes!
When will this movie come out? Is there a specific website that will have release dates for this movie? It looked really good and I was excited about Kali Rocha
well, at least she will not have to worry about getting raped by a vampire. You know, because of the garlic. :)
Eeew...but poor Emma!
Hahahaha!!! This article has reminded me just how much I miss Anya. I really want to see this film.
Fun story, but she dosnt come of as particulary clever.
That's a little unfair, Satai (with Punsch). Clever people are perfectly capable of doing idiotic things, and I think it's to her credit that she's happy to laugh at herself about it. I think that given other things she says in the interview, such as her writing, she comes across as a quite a bright spark.
Emma ... how can you not like her? I swear if she wasn't married and I bumped into her on the street, I'd have to ask her out. She's intelligent, hysterically funny, and down to earth. Oh, yeah, sexy as all hell too!

I think garlic story, and the fact that she is willing to tell it, are a testament to her overall maturity actually. She is adult enough to know it was a mistake and that she can laugh at it & herself.
Since my chances of seeing this are slim, I won't discuss the movie :-).

I think garlic has an antibiotic action whereverer it's applied; it even does that inside a hamburger.

Umm, had she told Emma in advance to take them out after "x" number of minutes/hours?

My ex-wife has no problem with antibiotics, but she is prone to baldder and kidney ifnections and she has always been very partial to garlic (after 11 years cooking for her now I take a shaker of it along in restaurants when I know I'll be having plain meat) so maybe she'd find this story interesting.

And I'm even more reminded of my friend Madeline and the cigarette. She and her new boyfriend Ron had just been "relaxing horizonatlly" for the first time. She was in her own words "really flying" (she'd been misdiagnosed and put on an incorrect treatment protocol and he was experienced enough to know it and take advanatge) and afterwards they got to goofing around (my guess is making jokes about lips) and she put a cigarette in "the wrong place." Then they couldn't remove it and had to make a 2AM emergency room trek.

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