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April 23 2009

Have dinner with Neil Patrick Harris--for charity! NPH is putting a dinner for four up for auction. The winners will eat with NPH at the Magic Castle, in LA. Proceeds to be donated to the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Alyson Hannigan and the other stars of How I Met Your Mother appear to be doing something similar, auctioning off a walk-on role on the sitcom.

NPH turns me on so much I have dreams about him.
I don't have dreams about him.

But I would kill for that walk on cameo in HIMYM.
NPH turns me on so much I have dreams about him.

I have those same dreams...
The ability to go to The Magic Castle is a cool enough prize in itself, but adding the chance to dine with NPH makes it legen . . . wait for it . . . dary!
I've had one dream and multiple daydreams. I'm a bad, bad girl! lol

I can't imagine being able to eat or talk or well, do anything, in the presence of all that adorable!
I wonder how I would act in the presence of my idols. I'd probably scare them with my vast knowledge of their lives.

Plus, Neil is pretty.

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I think about that a lot, daniel. Mainly with regards to musicians I really admire, because I realize that if they ever come through town, I'll probably get to meet them after the show and ask questions. And then I try and filter out the really, really invasively creepy questions. Sometimes I don't think I succeed.
Dinner for four? So is it NPH and three others, or does Neil Patrick Harris count as three people? I know he's talented enough for three people. Maybe it's like that enjoining spell when Buffy defeated Adam, and that's why he hangs out at the Magic Castle so much.

HA! (sorry, that's just how I laugh)

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