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April 23 2009

Amber Benson guests tonight on Playboy Radio on Sirius/XM. I, of course, only listen for the articles.

Nice description.

Damn I wish I were more up on contemp. abbrev.s.

Why does Playboy Radio make me think of Playboy Braille Edition?
But will she be airbrushed?
I, of course, only listen for the articles.

You make me miss my dad. That's what he used to say.
Better than a guy I used to work with, who claimed that a) he'd never opened a Playboy, and b) he didn't even know they had articles (wow, 150+ pages of nothing but high-quality photography! Now, that's a bargain...)
Bwahahaha. I love what you wrote.
Playboy does a radio show? Like, the actual Playboy?
Is this available as a download anywhere? Or did anyone with access to Sirius record it?
{{{redeem147}}} me too.
In a moment of pure comic gold, a character on "Coupling" once claimed he and his buddies went "strictly for the articles" at a strip club.
They actually have a whole channel, not just a single show. Unless its made officially available, linking to a capture of it here is against the rules.

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