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April 24 2009

(SPOILER) Promo photos for Dollhouse Episode 1x12 "Omega". SpoilerTV has four new stills from the season finale (at least for now) of Dollhouse.

Looks like an awesome location.
November looks totally awesome, I love her, and also the other girls. XP
Thanks for posting.

And... guns and stuff.
Well, I guess it was just a matter of time before someone hired them for a biker-chicks fantasy...

(Also, those pictures of November and Sierra have a kind of Firefly-y feel to them, don't they?)
Zoe and Kaylee.
Wow. WTF is Echo wearing?!
They look badass. I just have a strange feeling this will be Novembers final episode as 'November'...
Agree, they look like Flans on their way to a lasr minute Shindig.
Nah, that's just how all bounty hunters dress. Trust me. I've seen Domino. What?
November is the new Mal.

Hobos are the new unicorns!
WTF is Echo wearing?!

YoSafBridge's best urban American disguise!

(These look sooo awesome.)
Well, at least we know the Prison Break fans will stick around for this episode.

I can hear them how "Dude! I watch this great show called Dollhouse on Friday, it had these hot-bounty-hunter-biker-chicks in it, you should totally check it out".

Well, maybe next season.
Check out November. It looks like a battle episode.
Yeah, I'm so there.

Not that I wasn't going to be there already. I was.

Can't wait. I'm glad we have us some Dollhouse again this week.
Cmon, that's not fair Zoic.

Not all Prison Break fans are meatheads. :)
Those look fantastic!

I'm trying to figure out how dolls bounty-hunting dolls gets equated into a fantasy. Is someone sitting back and watching like Mr. Trick, or is this more of an internal clean-up thing?
Something struck me wrong about these pictures. I know I'm being anal, but those gun rigs are silly. They're left handed clip-on holsters (took me a little while to figure that out) reversed and clipped to the inside of loose belts, so right-handed. I'm going to be looking for them to draw their guns, when I watch the episode, and unless they corrected the wardrobe, I'm guessing they won't onscreen.
Who stole the hard drive and put it up there?

As I typed this I asked myself..."How come I noticed the hard drive so quickly? Hello! "best urban American disguise"".

Also.. background, hand, helmet, motorcycle... who?

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