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April 24 2009

Neil Patrick Harris on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Emily Deschanel from Bones is on as well. The link has some fun facts about Neil and a video from SNL where he plays the Doogie Howser theme.

Neil was the guest co-host (sitting in Regis' chair) with Kelly Ripa this morning, he is really a good co-host: funny but still focused in on the guests who are scheduled.
Emily Deschanel is hot
Well, here's part 2 of tonight's episode, I guess. This part spotlights more of ED, but they do a cool operation scene with NPH at the end.

I guess Billy really did become Dr. Horrible... *wink*
Speaking of Emily Deschanel, I SWEAR I saw scenes taking place at the dollhouse during this Thursday's Bones. Seems like Seeley Booth beat Paul Ballard to the punch, FBI-wise.

Clip 1
Clip 2 (not sure about this one)
Clip 3

Interesting fact: 4 episodes of Bones have aired in between the two most recent episodes of Dollhouse. I know they produced 25 episodes this season (and I AM a fan) but come on!
Nice findings Arabchick! People said it was true, I thought it was true, but I didn't actually notice the Dollhouse set 'til you pointed it out. Now it's so obvious. Thanks!

I look at those extra episodes as "tasty treats". And they were pretty good ones. The one with Sweets' back-story I though was well-time (& darn needed too). Since I don't like House... this gives me something to watch on Mondays besides Castle.
Oh, and I wonder how DB liked the Dollhouse set. Was he impressed? Did he pick out a favorite area? Inquiring minds want to know!
I squeed like an idiot when I realized they were on the Dollhouse set, it was so cool.
When I saw that scene it reminded me of the Dollhouse set, but I brushed it off as coincidence. Was it really the Dollhouse?

I loved that we got 4 episodes in two weeks as Fox tried to make up for the constant pre-emptions (though I'd rather they didn't bounce the show around).

Loved the Operation game. Neil was funny.
Neil is always funny. The whole show is up now at, and you can skip directly to his segment, in which he talks about getting set on fire and does some magic.
NPH looked like he had no clue who Larry Fitzgerald is, although I have to give him props for chatting up Miss Deschanel, which is what I would have been doing, too.
Neil was funny, Emily was adorable, and Jimmy Fallon was awful. I know it's only been on for a few weeks, but I hate this show.

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