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April 24 2009

(SPOILER) Trailer for next week's episode of Dollhouse. 'Briar Rose' looks really good.

I'm going to write a song about Alan, entitled, "The only actor who could possibly make me even MORE excited about this episode."
bleeding magical Zeus!
Mmmmmmm. That's good stuff. I wish time didn't take so long.
I'm worried that I see Victor screaming in the chair. :(

Paul is always causing a ruckus.

That said, bring on Episode 11! (OMG I can't believe it's almost over! NOOOOOOOO!)
Indeed, this episode looks positively comestible.
I really wanna know where I can get this melody that they use in this trailer and already used in the trailer for NEEDS.
That looks freakin amazing. It looks fantastic, and yay Boyd/Paul.. for some reason i've always wanted to see that.
I can't believe some people actually think Paul is Alpha. That wouldn't make any sense.

Wicked excited for the episode, by the way. <3 Alan Tudyk.
Thanks. We don't get a trailer on Global.
This looks so f#####g amazing! I wish it was already next Friday.
Wondering if Alpha will be like Dexter... a likeable killer?
OMG! This looks so frickin' awesome!!!! Is it possible to get too excited? I can hardly wait!
It's "the event we've been waiting for... again". Top stuff by the looks of it.
I just got a horrible feeling about this... excuse me for a moment:

Dear Joss,

Please do not kill Amy Acker again. I physically cannot put myself through rewatching 'Hole In The World' yet, so obviously I still have some Fred-related issues to sort out.

I will let you know when this problem clears up. Feel free to do what you must to the other characters in the meantime.


PS. I will withdraw this objection if the only alternative is casting Amber Benson then shooting her in the back.
I'm wondering if Boyd and Paul know each other since Boyd used to be a cop. Maybe Boyd was Paul's superior or something.

Yea, that was a wild guess.
Loved the music box music with Boyd saying, "Sorry, Agent Ballard. You don't get the girl." Lennix is great in his delivery of that line.
Didn't think it was possible for my jaw to drop so far but it went through the floor. Looks unbelievable. Can't wait!
Just Awesome
Also one presumes this is a reference to the original Snow white and Briar Rose story? Which of course got separated out by Disney etc into the stories we now know as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty?
So excited about Alan!!!!!! So much going on and I love that Joss is making the season finale kind of resolvie just in case DH doesn't get picked up. WHICH, I hope it does! But if it doesn't we will get some answers.
I think we've been getting a whole helluva lot of answers. Just look at shows like Lost and Battlestar where it takes seasons to get the kind of resolution, answer, new question that we've gotten in like five episodes. Plus, Joss never was one for a full-on cliffhanger. Shows like Smallville lead up to five arcs with hanging threads that all resolve in one ep the following season, while Buffy and Angel would resolve all their major points, then twist a subplot into a newly introduced plotline to start the next season. I'm thinking "Epitaph One" would be a bit like "Restless" in its post-finale feeling goodness. Also, Joss mentioned there was a six year plan. Could there be five more "Epitaphs"?

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