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April 25 2009

Echo-1 convention announced for 2010. The announcement was made last night, it's a UK Dollhouse convention. At the bottom of the website the dates are listed as May 7-9 next year in London.

And there's a photo of a poster here (self link) (but not my event).

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So it's real?? :( Why does it seem all the fun stuff is in the UK?

And I guess Joss let Sean out of the basement:

Mission Starfury: The Cylon Attack

Date: November 27-29, 2009
Venue: Thistle Hotel, Heathrow
Guests:Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Kate Vernon, Leah Cairns

But why is he going to a Cylon convention? *puzzled*

Of course, T1 if full of people who are not in Terminator. Hum.
I'm at T1, there's only one person from Terminator here (the ever lovable Summer). Which is fine with me.
That's what I'm saying. Wait, what? ;)

As far as I'm concerned (Governator included), Cameron was the BEST Terminator ever!

And Summer is a peach!

Have fun without me. *looks sad & weepy*
I would be careful about any Starfury announcement that Sean Maher is going to be at one of their cons. But Sean is going to be starring in a show that airs this summer (Drop Dead Diva) so I guess he HAS been let out of the basement. ;)

Echo-1 sounds exciting! Hopefully by then we'll be watching Season 2 :D

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Damn, this looks like I'll be able to go. Cool!

It'd be SO awesome if there's a Dollhouse panel at the MCM Expo in October as well. :P
Just had a Dollhouse panel at Starfury T1. Dichen made everybody clap for me for supporting the show online. It was the most surreal moment of my life.

Also, Miracle auditioned for Kaylee originally.
wha--? It's not even on TV here...?!
It starts in May, daylight.
Dichen made everybody clap for me for supporting the show online. It was the most surreal moment of my life.

Story! Story!
The Cylon Attack con has a Galactica name but is BSG & Firefly combined. Just like Serenity Complete has BSG guests.

Also Kev, this con was announced about two weeks ago. :P
On which channel?

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