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September 11 2003

"The wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing." My ever Watchful Eyes caught a glimpse of this news this morning. Amber Benson as a hard nosed cop? Sounds like. Requires flash.

Written and directed by Teri Owens, Amber Benson stars as Stephanie Gallagher, a police investigator crossing that thin line between enforcing the law and breaking it. This film will be an action thriller, and presently it's in the production stage. I believe it's being filmed in the UK, and is due out in May of next year.

Oh! And while I'm on the topic of Amber Benson films, The Chance film is still available for purchase of a poster, as has been mentioned before in here. They actually start mailing the discs and tapes soon. About two weeks ago the website announced they'd start in two weeks. So they should be in the mail any day.
Who writes the blurb for these sites?

On the Internet, Buffy secrets are hard to find.
Simon is looking for the ultimate Joss exclusive.
Pray he never finds it.

Be interesting to see Amber play a cop, I'll look out for it when it gets released.
I liked the part where it said something like, "this lone wolf is gonna take a bite outta the pack" or some such nonsense. Yeah it is a bit over the top, but ya gatta love dat. =)
Posterizing shows off her lip curve. Hyperfocus much, Bogu?

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