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April 25 2009

Eliza Dushku on Last Call with Carson Daly. She talks about being naked, travelling, family and Dollhouse.

"Joss is a man-genius-child-boy."

*man-genius-child-boy* is totally something Joss himself would say.

And once and for all we get the air cleared about *you'd have a better chance of seeing God than seeing me naked...*
She seems really well grounded. I wish my mom had given me a $1000 and dropped me in a foreign country for 40 days. I think that is so cool. What trust!
Definitely one of her best interviews.

Every time I see her, I marvel at how grounded and real she seems. I guess all of that traveling and time with her family has paid off in keeping her from getting too "Hollywood-y". I'm very curious to find out about her upcoming trip to Uganda. Hopefully she'll put up some info about it on when she gets back!

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At last Carson Daly had some decent questions and we got to see the other wonderful side of Eliza. Not only is she beautiful but very intelligent (as we already know) but I love how she has a heart for countries like Iran & Uganda.

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