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April 25 2009

Anthony Stewart Head talks "Merlin" and (no) "Buffy" movie. "Who knows. If all the stars were right, I'd certainly do it".



...teehee. I'll stop stirring up trouble now.
Itís funny, witty, dark and sinister in its moments and light enough for five and six-year-oldís to get off on it.

Does "get off on it" mean something different in the UK than is does in the US?

Because in the US it is not something any five and six-year-old should be doing. Is ASH's role in Free Agents starting to affect his vocabulary? :)

I should also note that NBC should not have bought this series "sight unseen". ASH is about the only good thing about Merlin in my opinion, and I love that sort of show.
What about Ripper?
Jayne's Hat Actually, Tony's always had a bit of a potty-mouth. He told us @MCB that he once had a woman stand up in the audience of a convention and berate him for using a four-letter word. "Don't you know there are children present?"

I just wish I could remember his exact response, but I think it was something along the lines of "Oh f--k! Sorry."

I just hope NBC actually...ya know...advertises "Merlin." Not like a certain other company and their total lack of advertising a certain program we're all rooting for.

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