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April 25 2009

Jane After Dark: Top five Buffy moments. TV Squad's Jane Boursaw has recently finished watching Buffy for the first time and posts her favorite moments from the series. A little surprising that nothing from OMWF made it to the list (because using the word "disappointing" was clearly too shocking) but at least there are still folks discovering it, which is always a good thing.

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it's only from season 5, 6 and 7. Ok, my favorite seasons are 5 and 6, but there was GOOD moments in previous seasons. I think she is shipping big time here. It looks like a list I might have written after the first time I watched Buffy. But now that I've seen every season about 5 times I can look beyond my love for Spuffy and see that there are other wonderful moments. (I hope this won't be deleted for that small shipping I just did)
Yeah, this list is leaning pretty heavily in the later seasons. To be honest, if I were to make such a list, I'd likely only put one of these moments on here. For me, seasons 2-5 are Buffy's stronger years.

Seriously though, where is "Buffy sacrifices Angel to save the world"? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this.
Well, in the interest of fairness, she doesn't claim they're the "best" BtVS moments. I think the implication here is that these are her favorites. In which case, you can't really argue with her.

The later seasons are the ones I tend to rewatch the most (or at least parts of them), so my list would probably lean in that direction as well. But were I to make such a list, it would actually have to be a series of lists. "Favorite throw-away lines." "Favorite self-referential scenes." "Favorite shipping moments." "Favorite girl power moments." "Favorite moments that made me laugh so hard I had to pause the show so I wouldn't miss what came next." "Favorite moments that made me cry." That sort of thing.

I personally wouldn't even try to limit myself to only five moments out of 144 episodes of 42 minutes each (I'm bad with math, so whatever that equals out to).
Those definitely weren't the five moments that stood out to me most, though the one from "The Gift" was a close runner-up. Mine are Buffy sacrificing Angel to save the world, Buffy "curing" Angel in "Graduation Day: Part II", the Core Four's defeat of Adam, "I'd like to test that theory", and maybe it's just because of the mind-blowing awesomeness of the background music, but I have to include the final battle from "Chosen".
I would replace her last one with the moment in the Season 3 finale where Buffy shouts "Now!" and the whole graduating class stands up to fight the mayor together. I get goosebumps every time.
Here's my favorite baker's dozen scenes. I refuse to rank them.

Buffy jumping off the tower to save Dawn and the world.
Xander talking Willow out of an apocalypse.
Buffy's post-death walk to go kill The Master.
The battle-starting moment in Graduation Day.
Anya and Xander's conversation at the end of "Selfless."
Dawn fighting the vampire with lab equipment.
Andrew confessing to Jonathan's murder.
Willow telling Tara she's the one she loves.
Vi's fugue in the finale. It's brief but wonderful.
Buffy telling Walsh her little plan didn't work.
Buffy turning the tables on the Council in "Checkpoint."
Buffy and Dawn's exchange as Dawn walks toward the school in "Lessons."
Tara defending Willow against Anya's demand that she use magic.
My top five:

5) In Choices, Giles finds out that Buffy's been accepted at Northwestern. The look on his face is as proud as any father's, and it's one of many beautiful pieces of understated acting from Anthony Stewart Head throughout the series.

4) Gile's slideshow presentation on the Gentlemen in Hush. The show is frequently hilarious, but this scene is maybe the funniest in the entire run of the series. I love that Joss is able to write characters who are all funny in their own ways, as opposed to writing sitcommy one-liners that could be coming out of anyone's mouths.

3) Xander explains not having superpowers to Dawn in Potential. Most of the seventh season is pretty terrible, but this scene is a gem. It's the kind of moment you couldn't have without years of building a character like Xander's.

2) Anya doesn't understand death in The Body. This monologue breaks my heart every time I see it. It's pitch-perfect.

1) Jonathan presents Buffy with the Class Protector award in The Prom. The emotional arc of the entire series up to this point is one long, slow, steady build to this moment, and it's absolutely beautiful. I can't think of another TV producer (except maybe Aaron Sorkin) who earns this kind of payoff the way Joss does.
I also love all of those, JesterInACast. Clearly there is too much awesome to be listed. Not that that will stop us.
A little disappointing but at least there are still folks discovering it.

What's so disappointing about it? It's a list of her favourite scenes. As someone who prefers seasons 5-7 over the earlier ones - and my list would probably be very similar to hers - I find myself a bit offended by the implication that people who like the later seasons are somehow in the wrong.
I'm with you, ruuger. That's exactly how I feel.
You have so many good ones, Sunfire! Not ones that would make my top 5, maybe, but the overlooked ones. There was rarely a moment of this show that I didn't love more than puppies and Christmas. I agree with Buffy's post-death walk to kill the Master (nice to see a little Season 1 love here) and also Buffy telling Walsh her plan didn't work. I LOVED that scene.

I agree that it's hard to distill it to just my "top 5". Mine would likely be so typical-- but maybe they just seem that to me, the way the scenes that pack the most emotional punch to me have become larger than themselves.

5. The end of The Harvest, when Buffy, Willow, and Xander crack jokes and walk away from their ordeal as best friends.

4. Buffy and Angel kiss for the first time and-- (spoiler warning) Angel's a VAMPIRE!

3. Spike and Buffy's unlikely alliance to take Angelus down

2. Buffy is awarded "Class Protector"

1. Angel's soul is restored too late, and Buffy is forced to loose "one more thing"

and way too many runners up to count.
Eh all of the above...but I guess that is a little more than 5!
How bout...
"The world is doomed!" in "Harvest" and "Chosen"
Angel telling Buffy to keep his jacket(shameless flirting!)
"We're all doomed"at the end of "I Robot"
Angel's a vampire
The credit scene in Puppet Show
Cordelia's I'm so alone speech in "Out of Sight...'
Vampire Buffy
"You've got punch mouth" in "Prophecy Girl"
The various "I like you dress" in Prophecy Girl"

Wow...I can't even keep it to 5 per season!
I have to say that most of my favourite moments are in seasons 4-7, including several of the ones already mentioned. A few others:

- In Hush when Tara and Willow combine forces to move the vending machine.
- For that matter, the entire climactic fight sequence in Hush. It keeps the pacing going even through a commercial break.
- The reveal of Dawn at the end of Buffy vs Dracula, one of the best WTF moments in TV history.
- When Buffy says "goodbye" to her mother in Normal Again.
- Anya's musical number in Selfless, ending with the jarring cut to her impaled on Buffy's sword.
- The young softball player grinning in Chosen.
We have one more award to give out. Is Buffy Summers here tonight? Did she, um... This is actually a new category. First time ever. I guess there were a lot of write-in ballots, and, um, the prom committee asked me to read this. "We're not good friends. Most of us never found the time to get to know you, but that doesn't mean we haven't noticed you. We don't talk about it much, but it's no secret that Sunnydale High isn't really like other high schools. A lot of weird stuff happens here. But, whenever there was a problem or something creepy happened, you seemed to show up and stop it. Most of the people here have been saved by you, or helped by you at one time or another. We're proud to say that the Class of '99 has the lowest mortality rate of any graduating class in Sunnydale history. And we know at least part of that is because of you." So the senior class, offers its thanks, and gives you, uh, this. It's from all of us, and it has written here, "Buffy Summers, Class Protector."

I tear up every time.
I too am having trouble with the "disappointing." I thought she did as well as anyone. This is a subjective selection. I wouldn't pick anything mentioned by her or in the comments. There have been several voting sites and people even complained about them. Sheesh! This is a site that has always respected varied opinions. I submit that no individual should be disappointed by someone elses opinion or presume consensus.
Wonderful! Some top moments where later seasons finally get a look in. Makes a refreshing change. *g*
Maybe the poster meant that it was likely to be disappointing to some people as it is such a narrow list, as opposed to a more broad minded list that has a little something for everyone? I'm sure my own personal bests list would be disappointing for someone who is a fan of the later seasons.
I'd have an easier time making a list of moments I didn't like. There's just too many I loved to make any sort of list.
I'm thinking I would like to list some of my favorite lists.
Great comments! Yeah, it's definitely difficult to pick only 5 top moments. As someone mentioned in the comments on TV Squad, it's worse than Sophie's Choice. I so relate.

As I watch the series again in the future, I'm sure my list will likely be different. But in many ways, the subtler moments (if there indeed are any!) made more of an impact on me than the bigger ones (i.e. Buffy killing Angel), because these are the moments that show the nuances of the characters as they relate to each other and the overall story.

If I was to add a sixth moment, I don't know that it would even be Buffy killing Angel (though that's right up there). I'm thinking it might be the scene where you see the shadow of Buffy's resurrected mother making her way towards the door of the house, right before the spell is broken and she's lost to them forever. It's a feeling we can all relate to at one time or another, of wanting so desperately to get back a person we've lost, but knowing this isn't the way the world works, and you have to find a way to move forward without them.

Anyway, love reading all of your comments.

Jane Boursaw
TV Squad
Honestly, I find the editorializing in the description a bit disappointing. The comments might be a better place.

I happen to agree with the writer's number one. It's a moment I have watched more than any other in Buffy. It was so shocking and exhilarating that when it happened I shrieked and fell off my couch!
I couldn't just pick 5 moments. There were so many amazing moments throughout the series. Some of my favourites were from earlier seasons
Buffy/Angel kiss
Angel feeding off Buffy
Angelus' Passion speech (love that speech!!),
Buffy sacrificing Angel in Becoming part II (made me cry)
The class protector award
Joyce's death - Buffy finding her body on the couch (Not enjoyable but The Body was a fantastically done episode and brought me to tears)
Buffy jumping off the tower.

Those are just off the top of my head. I could probably find at least one favourite scene in almost every episode so the list would be like ten pages long.

Angel telling Buffy to keep his jacket 'It looks better on you' *swoon*
Spike's speech to Buffy in Touched.
Buffy remembering the night of her 17th Birthday
Snoopy dance
Xander/Harmony slap fight!!!

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Good lord people, was I really that snotty when I "editorialized" in the description? First of all I wasn't trying to mock or dismiss Ms. Boursaw's picks, and given any lack of comment about it in her post here I'd say (I hope) that she didn't take any offense to what I said.

Her choices were subjective. My disappointment is also subjective. I'm not denying her the right to have her own favorites, nor am I criticizing her or jumping down her throat because her list was pulled from the last few seasons. Why is everyone online today looking for excuses to be hypersensitive? Chill out people... no blood no foul.
I love the later seasons too

Though in my top *however many* there would be a couple from Season two.
My top scene is when Buffy "killed" Angel. That scene blew me away when I first saw it (even though I was catching up on the series late and knew that there was an "Angel" series).

My second would be Buffy's sacrifice in "The Gift" (again, even though I knew she would be returning in season 6).

I also have to mention the first two scenes between Spike and Joyce. The first in the living room and then the scene in the third season when he's telling her about the problems with his love life over hot chocolate. These scenes were just so unexpected and delightful.

A couple of the funniest scenes for me were the silent presentation by Giles from Hush and the scene with the fear demon (and the conversation between Xander and Giles).
Isn't it interesting that a column like this gets everyone reminiscing over their favorite Buffy moments? While I agree with some others that are choices are strange ones, I think it's nice to get everyone talking about Buffy again. Anyway, I can't help but join in it with my own (although it's been shamefully long since I've watched through Buffy so I'm sure I've forgotten some):

1 - Seeing Red (S6) Tara gets shot, Willow goes evil. Strange as I didn't love S6 on the whole, but I can't think of a better pick for my #1. Warrens performance here still gives me chills.
2 - Buffy vs Faith, S3. The ultimate fight scene, and I loved that knife too.
3 - The Gift, end of S5. Not really a 'moment' but this whole finale was amazing.
4 - Sunnydale High exploding in S3 finale, such an epic moment!
5 - Buffy vs Adam in S4 finale. A Slayer VS a Terminator-like robot, doesn't get much better.

I'm glad this list didn't include Angel picks too or I'd be here all day!
Off the top of my head:

1) Spike comes to put Buffy 'six bloody feet beneath him' and ends up sitting with her at the backporch instead. ("What do you want now?" -- "...What's wrong?")
2) Buffy jumps off the tower. ("Listen to me. Please, there's not a lot of time, listen.")
3) Spike tells Buffy about his soul. ("Your soul... You got your soul back. How...?")
4) Buffy confronts the First Slayer in her dream. ("The Slayer does not walk in this world." -- "I walk. I talk. I shop. I sneeze.")
5) Buffy 'celebrates' her 17th birthday with her mother. ("I got older." -- "You look the same to me.")

For the record, I like Jane's choices, and I agree that the "disappointing" label was a bit condescending.
*sigh* Okay, alright. The consensus apparently is that my off-handed "editorial" that the choices were a bit disappointing was just too far beyond the pale to be allowed to stand. I humble myself and apologize for what turned out to be my overly-controversial personal opinion. I've edited the description. I'll never be disappointed again.
1) Spike comes to put Buffy 'six bloody feet beneath him' and ends up sitting with her at the backporch instead. ("What do you want now?" -- "...What's wrong?")

Yeah, that was one of the best moments of shared silence I've ever seen. And the way Spike just quietly sets the shotgun aside and instantly goes from warpath to supportive is a classic Spike-turns-on-a-dime moment.
Looking at all of these great moments makes me realize that Buffy, for all it's immense critical acclaim, is still underrated.
My list. Which like many others might change tomorrow.

1. The aforementioned Spike and Buffy in Smashed.
2. The fight in Primeval from "you could never understand the source of our power" to "salt the earth" totally gives me shivers.
3. "What have you got left?" Buffy grabbing the sword "me!" One of Buffy's finest, strongest moments.
4. Buffy's slow motion run from the graveyard to Kendra's body in Becoming with whistlers narration.
5. So many moments in Lover's Walk I can't even pick one out. I know, cheating.
I love all these major moments, but I have some favorite less consequential ones, too. Like when Spike, who has not yet realized the effect of his chip, is crushed when he finds he can't bite Willow, and she actually tries to console him..."Maybe we could try again later." I laughed so hard, I was weak.

There are so many of these great little bits, and I love to be reminded of them.
Haunt - No worries on the "disappointing" thing. I just figured your top moments are different than mine, and clearly, people are passionate about Buffy!

Sunfire - Oh yes! The scene with Spike sitting on the back porch with Buffy. Definitely a favorite of mine.

And stay tuned to Jane After Dark on TV Squad, because I'm just heading into Season 3 of Angel (though I may do a few more posts on Buffy, too).

Then I'll be asking for reader opinions on my next DVD series. I'll put up a poll soon, but I'm thinking maybe Firefly...?
I think her number one is mine, too. It's the only one I wore a tape out rewatching. ;)
JB Yes, definitely Firefly.
I'll straight-up admit to extreme bias of the early seasons and AtS (especially the arcs surrounding Angel, Darla, Holtz, Wesley and Connor), focusing heavily on the character of Angel.

BtVS standouts 1-3 (sequential):

* Buffy asks Angel if he knows what it is like to have a friend. Angel is unable to answer. Buffy's entire demeanor towards him changes in that moment and he is no longer putting on a cocky façade.
* Buffy kisses Angel only for it to turn to horror as Buffy discovers that Angel is a vampire.
* Angel tells the deeds of Angelus in trying to get Buffy to kill him, but she puts down the crossbow and offers her neck. Angel kills Darla to save Buffy. "Angel?"
* Buffy and Angel meet at the Bronze with Sophie Zelmani's "I'll Remember You". Buffy's cross burns Angel's chest.
* "Giles, I'm sixteen years old. I don't wanna die."
* Buffy kisses Angel in vamp-face at the ice rink.
* Angel tells Buffy that he can't have children (so poetic that he's the one that does). Buffy doesn't think of a future without Angel. The gravestone reads "In loving memory" in a piece of epic foreshadowing.
* Angel awakes in pain, loses his soul in a rainy alley and smokes a hooker.
* Angelus poses as Angel and plays the part of the bad boyfriend who breaks the girl's heart. "Was it me? Was I not good?"
* Giles walks up the stairs with the rose and wine left by Angelus for a romantic evening with Jenny, only to find her dead on his bed.
* Liam's origin flashback where he meets Darla in the alley--a shot that is easily her most iconic and beautiful. "Show me your world." and "Close your eyes."
* Angel's soul is returned too late and Buffy has to send him to Hell. She kisses him, tells him to close his eyes and puts the sword through him.
* Buffy tries to stop Angel from waiting for daylight on the hilltop, telling him that he must keep fighting. Angel is at one of his weakest and most desperate moments. Angel is saved by magic snow.
* Angel begins to get under Faith's skin, comparing her to how he once was; how he used to believe people were just out to hurt each other. Redemptive, soul-saving Angel makes his first solo appearance shortly after the beginning of Angel taking on the role of private investigator on his own and separate from Buffy.
* Mayor Wilkins tells Buffy and Angel about his history with Edna May, who grew old cursing him for his youth. Wilkins asks Angel if him staying is fair to Buffy. Angel's higher purpose is not Buffy.
* Angel, after having broken up with Buffy and not understanding it, comes to Buffy's prom in order to give her the perfect high school moment.
* Angel stops the grieving Mayor in the hospital from smothering Buffy and throws him when he calls Buffy his "whore".

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I don't have time to do this right now, but I'd like to throw in the montage of Anya in season 7 trying to convince people to wish evil things on Xander.
Jane, if we're talking about doing this for Angel then I'm your huckleberry. ;)
The only ones of my favorites (Becoming Pt. II is far and away #1) that haven't showed up yet are:
* Drusilla wanting Xander in BBB. She saves Xander from Angelus, and then can't follow him insite Buffy's house. BBB, coming right in the middle of the Angelus storyline, was the right note of humor in just the right place.
* The fight scene at the end of The Wish.
* Giles smothering Ben.
Couple moments off the top of my head (and fresh from rewatching S1 - Tabula Rasa):

-Checkpoint. Buffy's "I'm fairly certain I said no interruptions."
-Giles to Anya & Tara, "She needs backup."
-The mummy hand clicking Buffy's tongs at her.
-Spike thinking he's Randy, a noble vampire with a soul.
-"So we agree that Ben and Glory are somehow connected. But how?"

Ok, I just realized these aren't "best of the series this angst is going to kill me but it's wonderful" type moments, so I'll go away now. And watch more Buffy. I should probably be catching up on Dollhouse instead...(yikes, I'm so far behind.)
There are sooooo very many moments that spring to mind, but I just have to say:

Absolutely any moment in The Body.

Wonderful, angsty perfection, and maybe one day I'll actually be able to watch it without tearing up.

Who am I kidding? Anya's monologue gets me every time.
This list is far from finished. These are only the ones that I thought of today.

When Buffy meets Giles
When Buffy choose Willow instead of Cordelia
When Xander changes into a hyena
When Angel is burned by the cross that he gave to Buffy.
When Buffy find out about the prophecy.
When Xander saves Buffy after she drowns.
Every single scene between Spike and Dru.
Every moment of Wish
When Buffy asks Giles to lie to her.
Every moment of "I only have eyes for you"
When Xander and Cordelia get together and when Willow find out about it.
When Willow ask Oz "You could be my date"
The scene outside the school after Angel died.
When Joyce stands up for Buffy and gets her back in school.
When Buffy reads for Angel in "The beauty and the beasts"
The fatherly love that The mayor feels for Faith and Giles for Buffy.
When Xander and Willow kiss.
When they play footsie under the table.
When Willow cries after founding out about Xander and Faith. (The scene in "Heart of Gold" when Inara cries reminds me of this scene.)
The kiss between Wes and Cordelia.
When Buffy gets an award, "Class protector"
When Angel bites Buffy
When Angel leaves
When Tara and Willow get to know each other
When Oz comes back
When Willow tell Buffy about Tara
When Spike comes back and the scene in Willows bedroom.
When Spike moves in to Giles' apartment
When Buffy feeds Spike in Giles' bathroom.
When Angel comes back in "Pangs" and Spike yelling "You made a bear!"
When Ethan turn Giles into a Demon and Spike is the only one who can help.
When Dawn appears.
When Glory appears.
When Buffy find out the truth about Dawn.
When Spike wakes up from his dream about Buffy!
Every moment of "Family"
When Spike says "What can I tell you baby, I've always been bad"
When Spike is putting on his nail polish.. hehe
When Riley stakes Spike.
Anyas speech about not understanding why Joyce died.
When Willow says "You owe me pain."
The last scene in "Intervention"
When Buffy jumps
When Buffy tells Spike about her being in heaven
Every moment of "Once more with feeling"
When Giles leaves.
The sex! :)
When Willow says "Bored Now."
When Giles comes back!!
When Xander saves the world.
The last scene in Lessons
Andrews big board
Xanders speech in Potential
Anyas speech about humans
Spikes "You're the one" speech
When Spike holds Buffy all night long
Every moment in Chosen.
And so many more!
Yep, my favorite moments would be sprinkled throughout the seasons. Because while S4, S6 and S7 are my three least favorites, as a whole, there are still quite a few very good moments in there. But still, my personal favorite list would probably centre heavily on S2 and 3 and maybe a few moments from 1 and 5. It's when I became a huge fan, and that kind of stuff has bearing on what you love the most.
Only five? Impossible - although I have to say I'm thrilled about the bookending of numbers one and five, and my number one would definitely be the same.
Some others I couldn't leave out:

>Angel killing Jenny
>The closing sequence of Becomming pt2 - still makes me cry, and the choice of music (Sarah McLachlin's Full of Grace) was beyond inspired.
>Buffy and Faith making the bed, the opening dream sequence in This Year's Girl
>most everything in Pangs
>Willow painting the poem on Tara's back, Restless
>most everything in Fool For Love
>Buffy putting the Watchers Council in their place, Checkpoint
>Willow conjuring and scarificing the fawn, Barganing
>Buffy telling Spike "I think I was in heaven", After Life
>Too many moments in OMWF to name
>The closing sequence of Tabula Rasa, Willow sitting on the floor sobbing, as Tara leaves
>Most everything in Dead Things but especially the Buffy and Spike "door" scene and "Do you trust me?"
>Buffy and Spike in the chapel, Beneath You
>The subtitles in the flashbacks, Selfless
>Most everything in Sleeper
>Spike holding Buffy until she falls asleep, Touched
>the D&D game, Chosen
>Kenedy:"You're a goddess" ... Willow:"And you're a slayer", Chosen
>Buffy and Spike's clasped hands on fire, Chosen

Obviously the later seasons are far and away my favorites and yes, I think season 7 is highly underrated, in spite of some sloppy execution.

She's doing AtS as well, that should be fun. ;)
There are so many great moments in Buffy. There's no way I could get a list down to five, however, my #1 has to be Buffy killing Angel. Truly touching when seeing it for the first time.

very difficult to slim it down to just 5 moments, but it would be these (in chronological order):
- Angel watches Willow and Buffy, as they receive the phone call (Passion)
- Giles' silent presentation (Hush)
- Buffy's fight with Adam (Primeval)
- "You are beneath me" (Buffy and Spike in Fool for Love)
- "It's what I do." (Buffy helps the boy in the beginning of The Gift)
Too many to be really listed, but I can't help trying to write down my favourites too..

-when Buffy and Angel kiss and he gets burned by the cross he gave her
- Passion. Most of it.
-the whole ending of Becoming II, from the alliance between Spike and Buffy to Buffy leaving (the awesomness of the scenes with Joyce, Spike standing up from the wheelchair, the "you lost everything, what's left?" "ME!" dialogue, Spike leaving, the "love him,kiss him,kill him,make us all cry" scene,and the Scoobies talking while Buffy watches them from afar)
-The fight in the factory in The Wish.
- Oz leaving and Willow asking "Don't you love me?". Then, in New Moon Rising, the final speech of Willow to Oz..So absolutely beautiful.
- The scene where Spike can't bite Willow.
- Hush...the mute lesson; Tara and Willow getting magially connected. Buffy's scream followed by silence.
- A New Man...all the scenes between monster-Giles and Spike!
- The Cheeseman in Restless :-DDD
- ALL the flashbacks of Fool For Love (especially the Fanged Four ones).
- The final scene of Fool For Love (this would probably be at num 1,if I weren't ordering by season)
- The final scene of Intervention.
- "Ben is Glory?!" ecc ecc..
- When Buffy jumps, and "She saved the world, a lot" :"-(((
- "I was in heaven" confession in After life.
- When they wake up and try to understand who they are in Tabula Rasa.
- The Smashed "fight" scene..
- Buffy and Joyce in Normal Again.
- Willow, "Bored now!"
- The final scene of Lessons, with all the big bads talking to crazy Spike..this one is an awesome and underrated scene IMO..
- The ending of Beneath you.
- Spike punching Angel's "face" drawn on the punching bag.
- In Chosen, when the Scoobies remain, the four of them, facing each other before the final fight, and talk about what they will do tomorrow.

Ok, I give up, that's not even nearly a complete list of those moments that are worth listing..
Argh. Clearly there needs to be a "top five moments...of every episode" list. Finales and musicals get ten. Eh?
Wow people, we do like our lists. I think your top 5 comes down to what you love about the show. Top 5 depends on if your fav time are the supernatural moments, the speeches, the intimate moments between lovers or the friends, alternative realities or the classic funnines. I like the most emotional times, Passion, Villians, but seasons 2&3 win it for me everytime. The music is a biggy too, i still have trouble listening to "Full of grace" and have season 7s music on my "too cheap to be an actual i-pod" which always inspires me to watch the highlight episodes of 7. And now i have to bust out the comics too, Xander loosing another girlfriend, will Joss ever stop picking on Xander. I propose someone posts a top five of specific moments once a month for us to all revisit.
And lastly props to Jane going there in the first place and props to Class protector for putting up 1/2 the script for Johnathan. I miss Buffy.
hmm...certainly wouldn't have been my picks but it's nice to still see new Buffy fans emerging.
I think there's a few underrated scenes that always slip under the radar. Such as;

1) Buffy/Glory's first encounter. That's a great scene, very epic and very surprising to see another girl kick Buffy's ass so bad.

2) The Buffy/Willow/Xander moment in the cave during ‘Same Time, Same Place.’ Beautifully acted, I love how both Alyson and Sarah bring on the tears.

3) Willow and Oz’s goodbye in ‘New Moon Rising.’ Man does that scene get me every time, such superb acting from both of them. Particularly Ally.

4) Xander telling Buffy that he hasn’t always been her best friend when it comes to Angel and that he wants to help her and Angel in ‘Amends.’

5) Faith coming to Buffy’s door on Xmas Eve in ‘Amends’ and being really shy and awkward about wanting to come in. Eliza breaks my heart in that scene. It hurts to see Buffy/Faith here then think about how they end up that season.

6) The scene between Angel/Giles in ‘Out of Mind, out of Sight.’ Fabulous acting by both actors and it’s really nice to see how much Giles/Angel bonded early on. Plus Angel’s line “to look in the mirror and see nothing staring back at you, it’s an overrated pleasure” is very sad.

7) The Xander/Angel scene in ‘Prophecy Girl.’ “You’re in love with her” “Aren’t you?”
">Buffy and Spike in the chapel, Beneath You"

Heh. That was the very first Buffy I ever saw--caught it on TV, without context, and it was weird and offputing to see Spike ebracing a crucifix an smoking (not tobacco...). Didn't actually start watching the show sequentially for several years after that.
Have to agree that I couldn't single out five moments, or if I did they'd change from hour to hour! I love all the moments listed in the link though. One that I don't think has been mentioned but I think is wonderful is the Buffy/Giles conversation in The Gift in the training room. When Buffy says:

"I sacrificed Angel to save the world. I loved him so much. But I knew, what was right. I don't have that anymore. I don't understand. I don't know how to live in this world, if these are the choices. If everything just gets stripped away. I don't see the point. I just wish that-- I just wish my mom was here... [...] The spirit guide told me that Death was my gift. I guess that means a Slayer really is just a killer after all."

That moment and the end of the episode both just about kill me with tears.

I admit I probably favour the moments that make me cry, so Spike in the church saying 'to be the kind of man that would never-- to be a kind of man' or his speach in Touched would also both be up there somewhere. And the end of Fool For Love. And The Body. And well I'd better stop or this will just be a list of every single scene in every single episode.
I had the voice over speeches by angel from "Passion" written on my fridge door all the way through uni. I love how Joss embraces vocabulary that makes you feel it and experience it not just sit back and view it.
- The end of Fool For Love. The silence as Spike sits on the porch with Buffy, and awkwardly pats her shoulder is perfect. Then there's the little touch of them taking a deep breath at the same time that makes me feel for Buffy.

- Buffy taking the council to task in Checkpoint

- Anya and Andrew's wheelchair fight in End of Days.

- Giles explaining the Gentlemen on the projector. Hilarious.

- The entire scene with Buffy's speech in The Gift

I could go on and on...
FYI All - My "Jane After Dark" column this week: Top 5 Buffy Hookups:

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