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April 25 2009

(SPOILER) 'Wonderful Maladies' script review. Early review for Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show with slightly spoilery character reference.

I'd seen this one before. Has it been linked already?

Regardless, it thrills me to know SMG's getting good work. If anyone's talent warrants it, it's her. I can't wait to see her back in her element on TV.

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I cant wait for this show.
The script Sounds just like her and i can imagine her saying it.
I'm super excited for this this show, sounds like 6 ft Under/The Sopranos (f-ed up family stuff) but funnier.
I'd love to see something good on TV with SMG in it, I miss her on my screen, but that review was so badly written it doesn't really inspire confidence in the author's take on the show.
I'm confused. Is this a TV show or a TV movie? The IMDB page makes it look like a TV movie. Check it out:
@ Linnea1928

Since it has not been picked up to series yet and is only a pilot, it's listed that way.
Catherine, I felt the same about how it was written but so far it's the only info on it with reference to the script...really wish someone else could write about it!
Yes, poorly written but unfortunately not much has been written about it.
I'm looking forward to seeing funny SMG; also, I'm glad she is staying about from the paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Time for her to stretch her dramatic fingers again.
Looks good. Will be watching for it on HBO.

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