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April 25 2009

TV Guide's Matt Roush: No worries on Castle. Also on page 4, Matt writes about being at the Whedon family reunion at Paley Fest.

Matt Roush: No worries on Castle. Itís not exactly a breakout hit, but it will do, and ABC needs a repeatable, reliable show like this in its stable. And with a little nurturing, it could become an even better show. (Without question, Nathan Fillion is a TV star.)

Makes me feel even better about the paper letter I just sent ABC thanking them for producing Castle.

Well, I have to agree about NF as a TV star, and I think his characterization of Castle as a reliable show, if not a breakout hit, is dead on.

After reading the section on the Dr. Horrible panel, though, and seeing that he got to meet the elder Whedon, I just wondered about the latter's response to Bea Arthur's death yesterday, after his having worked on Golden Girls. That surely is as big a blow as Andy Hallett's must have been for Joss.
Since Bea Arthur's death happened yesterday, it will take a while for TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly to have a proper column on her life. Remember, she's more than a Golden Girl. She's the first person who knocked Archie Bunker off his chair. That led to the classic spinoff a few months later. It's too bad TV Land hasn't announced a marathon for "Maude" but thats a good idea. Expect a lot tomorrow.

As for Castle, I gave up on the first episode when he got arrested, and his TV mom explained to the cops it's not his fault because he had no father figure. I also thought it would be Moonlighting all over again. After a few weeks, I may try again.
I am thoroughly enjoying Castle and will breathe a sigh of relief only when ABC officially announces Season 2.
ABC got put on my "Never Again" list after they canceled Pushing Daisies. I begrudgingly gave them another chance with Life On Mars.
Now, I'm giving them yet another chance with Castle.
Castle is one of only two shows currently on that I like enough to be worth the inconvenience of watching live.
Go Nathan!
Remember, she's more than a Golden Girl. She's the first person who knocked Archie Bunker off his chair.

Yes, she was fantastic, and such a breath of fresh air when she first appeared on All in the Family. I followed her to Maude, and she was such an alternative model of what a woman could be--both in RL and on TV. I didn't watch Golden Girls very often, but that show was also groundbreaking. Wonderful legacy.

I like Castle, although it isn't must see TV for me. Part of this has to do with Monday nights, which are busy ones for me, so I cannot sit down and concentrate on what is going on. But I hope it goes on to another season.
I can't believe Joss' Dad (Tom Whedon) wrote for The Electric Company!!!! I had no idea. You see, that is where my screen name comes from. Ever since I was a little girl, my dad has called me Jennifer of the Jungle. How funny! I wonder if He wrote any of the Jennifer of the Jungle pieces? If he did, Joss, tell your dad I said thanks ! ;)

I really like Castle. I just keep feeling like there is something missing from it. It feels as if every episode is stand alone. I would like it better if there were another storyline woven through the episodes. Everything is tied up too neatly in the end. Anyone else feel that way?

Amazongirl, I was upset when they canceled pushing Daisies too! Eli Stone was another good show that I think they shouldn't have canceled.
I am not loving Castle, but am liking it enough to DVR weekly. It isn't as enjoyable to me as Bones. Castle & Beckett don't have very good chemistry in my opinion, and I don't find her a very likable character- whereas I crush on Brennan as much as I do Booth. That said, there is room for growth with Castle. Nathan plays it very charming (of course) and I find the best scenes to be at home with the daughter and the mother. Glad the show is safe and will continue to watch it.
I'm actually the opposite Tinkrebel, I like Castle more than Bones which I could never come to love. I always felt that the B/B chemistry was okay but not the mecca that all the critics/fans made it out to be. And I just could never like Bones as a character.
With Castle, I definitely think there is room for improvement and the chemistry between the leads needs to be cranked up a notch but it's fun and light- an enjoyable hour of tv. I do, too, find the best scenes to be his at home with his mother and daughter. :)
I find that Castle is one of the only reasons to look forward to Mondays. It's the *sigh of relief* that the work day is over & you're that much closer to the weekend. Consider it a cookie for going to work when you could have just stayed at home. :)

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