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April 25 2009

The star of Africa. An interview with Chiwetel Ejiofor in The Observer about his African roots and the end of apartheid.

He is playing Thabo Mbeki in 'Endgame' and currently filming 'Salt' - described as "Philip Noyce's CIA conspiracy tale".

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I'm looking forward to seeing him in Endgame, Channel 4 have really been pushing it.
He is fantastic in everything I've seen him in. What an incredible talent!
If he and McGregor were doing Othello in L.A. or South Coast Rep I would drive my bad self to Southern Cali in a heartbeat to see it.
Outside of the Whedonverse, I was very moved by his performance in Red Dust, movie about the end of aparthied.. But I'd really love to see his Othello as well!
All I can do is pray that someone connected with Grandage's production of Othello, and in their infinite mercy, filmed one of the performances. That is a moment in time that will never come again. I can't say enough about Chiwetel. I fell in love with him in Dirty, Pretty Things, and in each performance after that (of those I've seen), in Serenity, Kinky Boots, Four Brothers (which I caught part of again last night), Children of Men, even Tsunami: The Aftermath, I have to catch my breath, he's so sublime, and immerses himself so seemingly effortlessly into his roles. I only hope I can find a way to watch Endgame.

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Chiwetel is one of those actors where I don't care what the movie is about; I will watch it if he is in it. I recently watched Redbelt, and I would recommend it to any Chewy fan out there.
Not video of the play, but here is the videos page at Donmar Warehouse. There's a clip of Chiwetel talking about Othello.

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I loved him in Redbelt. It is a great statement on the warrior code and honor. Chiwetel is magnificent in it and dissolves himself formlessly into his character. I thought his performance in Tsunami was as equally seamless. Joss even called a tremendously rare find. I'm certain they'd work together again in a heartbeat.
Not familiar with his work but from this interview I cand escribe him in two words; imm pressive.

Sorry, tho; my picture of Thabo Mbeki coems from Madam and Eve comic strips (sort of a SOuth aFrican Doonesbury;) I'm sure as a young man he was a true hero but I can't see anyone enjoying playing him from soem of the thigns he's doen as PResident.

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