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April 25 2009

'Save Dollhouse' - PSA 2! It's by Remote Viewing, the people who brought you the first glorious 'Save Dollhouse' public service announcement.

The video is also on YouTube if people have trouble accessing the original link.

Very cute, and a very nice silver lining if the show gets canned. I like the way this feller thinks (even if he's not the first to think it).
Forward thinking indeed.
I don't even remember the first one.
Is the site fandango'd?
That was great. I want more. Dollhouse, I mean and oh, ok, that video too. : )
The "Almost Erased" card was a nice touch.
Haha! Brilliant.
So, really, we'd be saving the entire internet. This puts things in perspective.

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Oh, that was great!
That was hillarious! hehe

It made me laugh out loud. Excellent stuff.
Very Clever.
*snicker* I find it hillarious that I spoke out loud what I thought about Fox a split-second before it appeared on the card - pissed off minds think alike !_!
I thoroughly enjoyed that. I'm going to go watch it again.

I watched Dollhouse in real time Friday night. Commercials and all. And it didn't kill me. :)

The first PSA is here.
Haha. That's hilarious. XD
Hilarious and almost genius, kudos!!
That was hilarious.
"Six of which were awesome." Hee!
Heh... Brilliant. Love the "almost erased" placard.

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