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April 25 2009

Joss Whedon's acceptance speech for the Nebula Awards. He couldn't be at the ceremony last night due to filming commitments (Jane Espenson accepted the Bradbury award on his behalf). But he did make this wonderfully daft and heartfelt video. It also contains our first look at the Cabin In The Woods set.

Oh, Joss. I giggled so much at Fi-sci! And our first glimpse of Cabin! Looks awesome!
Ooh, the basement.
And now....I disappear.

Hehehe...that was a great acceptance speech.

The basement looked VERY creepy, i must say. But i wanted to see more!
Joss is as per usual....adorable and I love it when he is fi-sci-e-tious (aka facetious) : ). And yes, the dreaded basement. Poor Sean Maher... not being able to see the light of day, like, for forever and also for a very long time as well. : /
The speech was great but oh, I am not sure that I will be enjoying the movie. I will probably watch it like I watch every single horror movie I want/have to: With the sound of and my finger on the fast forward button :)
Yep, that was fun, as expected ;). Still wondering about Cabin too, angry_puppy. If it turns out gory, I might have to not watch it at all, which would be bad.
Loved the Singing in the Rain, "This is a talking picture!" tangent at the beginning.
Spoiler stairway! Also, spoilers for Ray Bradbury, whose stories turn out . Like someone else I could nickname.

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I wonder if Joss now has a special room just for all of his awards?
I saw Bradbury last year at Comic Con and after the 100th person started their question with "I love your work, you influenced me so much, thank you..." Bradbury said, "You are all my children." Beat "You are all my bastard children."
Maybe that makes Joss and I siblings? Cool!
Hmm, from what I've seen of the cabin, I wouldn't have expected a basement. Probably a separate set. Either that or it's his hotel room.

(or some crazed fans have beat me to the punch, and have Joss imprisoned in their cellar)

I heart Bradbury. Because of this video, I will pick up Dandelion Wine again, since I never got to finishing it. Also, CABIN SET. I'm incredibly into Supernatural right now, which I realize is probably nothing like Cabin will be. But the point is, I'm not typically a horror guy, but I'm getting myself there.

And even if I never get there, this is the only thing I'm doing 2/5/10. The only thing. Not even waking up, just starting immediately with watching this film.
The Martian Chronicles was, and continues to be, my favourite book.

Well done, Oh Purple One.
Huge Congratulations to Joss, and that set DOES look very creepy (and I think it is hilarious that Joss foresees the day when the Bradbury Award people come knocking and saying "er... we just saw 'Cabin in the Woods' and we want our award back").
Jobo, please wake up before watching the film. Watching it in your sleep is probably not what Joss intends :)
Loved the Singing in the Rain, "This is a talking picture!" tangent at the beginning.
brinderwalt | April 26, 14:05 CET

OMG! I was thinking the same thing! Are you a musicals geek too? LOL!!

Anyway, congrats Joss! I, too was one of those kids whose imagination was sparked by the writing of Ray Bradbury.
As I sit here at the 'puter machine, I have my well-loved paperback copy of "I Sing The Body Electric" next to my lamp. I bought it when I was in the 9th grade and have read--and re-read--it many times over the decades.
Bradbury is, indeed, one of the godfathers of the fi-si.

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maybe the scifi channel will change its name to fisci!! instead of syfy? -gag-
I picked up on the Singin' in the Rain homage too. So Amazongirl, does this mean he's on the verge of Singin' the Body Electric in the Rain?
OMG! I was thinking the same thing! Are you a musicals geek too? LOL!!

Not exactly. I just come from a large family in which most of my siblings (including me) are some kind of performing artist. You just pick stuff up.
[Butthead laughs] He said "whore"...
Bradbury is my literary idol too. One of my all time favorite books is Fahrenheit 451.
Has anyone seen "all in a summers day"? I loved the novel that Bradbury wrote and the short movie is also very very good. I saw it when I was young and I still remember it. It touched me very deeply.

Now that someone mentioned Supernatural, is it scary? I am thinking about watching it, but I don't want to watch it if it'll give me nightmares. Billy, Hush and Same time same place were almost too scary/creepy for me.

[ edited by angry_puppy on 2009-04-26 18:38 ]
In that case, angry_puppy, I think Supernatural would be too scary for you.
I just so love to hear Joss do that speaky thing :D

On the SyFy change. I swear it's just so we can't unlovingly call them Skiffy or sciffy anymore.
Start on acronyms. Ex. Sorry You Frelled Yourself. Backwords - Yes, Failure Your Signature.

eta: And speaking of continually disappointing things, "Haunted" still isn't up on iTunes. And I have to go to sleep now. iTell U when Need Episode.

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Congrats Joss! Speaking of Ray Bradbury, didn't he host a show in the 1980's called "Ray Bradbury Theater" on the USA Network? As for Joss making "Cabin In The Woods" creepy and gory...I say yes, Yes, YES!!!
*Dies of Giggle-fit*
If I remember correctly from the Write Environment interview, this is the only award he really aspired to and admired. Glad he got it.

And his words are so delicious to hear. :)

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