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September 11 2003

Miracles in Australia Rob Kral, composer for Angel, reports to the Bronze Beta that another work of his, Miracles (a.k.a. David Greenwalt's most recently cancelled project) is now airing its full season in Australia.

They didn't show the full season in the States did they? It's a show I wouldn't mind seeing in the UK.
Nope. Just the first six episodes. Hopefully some Aussie fans will be kind enough to tape exchange and/or digitize...
Hi, I'm in Oz and I never knew about "Miracles" before, but after seeeing these posts, I checked a TV program and have found it on Monday nights 10.30pm. It's the same time Buffy used to be on.
I don't know how long Miracles has been going, but will definately be taping it from now on.
Will keep you posted.
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Happy 1-Year Anniversary to 'Miracles'!

One year ago -- January 27, 2003 -- an amazing show debuted on ABC at 10 p.m. Intelligently written, beautifully acted, and with a dark and cinematic look


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