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April 26 2009

Where can I buy the clothes that Sierra wore in Dollhouse? comes to the rescue of those craving Dichen's heels in 'A Spy in the House of Love'.

Style Hunter also points you in the right direction if you liked Eliza's stockings in 'Echoes'.

Those were awesome. Heh. Thanks for the links. lol. :D
Those look incredibly painful. I don't understand why people insist on wearing ridiculous shoes that make you miserable. Maybe it's just my extreme lack of girliness.
sammygreen, even though most heels look uncomfortable, as an avid fan of heels (and sky high ones at that) I find many heels extremely comfy, especially the Cole Haan Air line. The shoes feature Nike Air cushioning in them.

I can't attest to the zipper heels Dichen wore, but I think a great deal of heels are very comfortable, so those might have been as well.
Heels can actually provide a level of arch support which a lot of flats don't offer, which can make them extremely comfortable (albeit not terribly practical for things like robbing bank vaults). I have a pretty intense lack of girliness and I adore heels; the higher, the better!
It's all well and good until you break your more heels for me.
For those of us who don't need heels and stockings (on a weekday anyway), Topher was wearing a Marc Ecko Boba Fett hoodie in 1x10.
Topher gets paid very well.
He better, for the work he's doing. :P
I think those heels look very comfortable. I find the very strappy sandal-type heels to be comfortable and secure. Love walking in them.
I'm a man, and I have some problems with my heel, and the doctor said it would help if stopped using flat shoes and got something with a high heel! But presumably he didn't have these in mind *g*
Here we are wishing Dollhouse had a sponsor whose products we could buy (Like Chuck and $5 footlongs) and didn't realize that the very clothes they wear could be items to buy.

I'm keeping that email and page in case another style question ever comes up and I need to point someone where they can ask the question.
I was actually fascinated by the shoes Eliza wore on assignment in Hunted. They looked amazing...and incredibly difficult to move in.
I'm completely undone by high heels (I can't walk in 'em and my feet require sneakers -- I can't even walk very long distances in my cute suede Converses) but I do admit that Sierra's zippered heels were stylin'.
I've got a bone growth on the arch of my left foot, right below my ankle, which prevents me from wearing anything that isn't high topped - sandals work as long as they're low enough to not come near that thing (The nerve actually runs right across it, and if that's hit I lose feeling in my leg), and finding dress shoes I can wear is next to impossible.

But before that developed I tried heels for a play, and had a very hard time not falling over. Oddly enough I can wear boots with heels, but I tend to walk kind of clumpy in them.

I've heard of several health reports that stress that women who wear heels daily actually cause damage to their feet - the way the toes of most heeled shoes are shaped forces your toes into unnatural positions, which can cause bunions and other problems, and the arch and heel are also affected.

Haunt Centuries ago men wore high heeled shoes. Especially royalty - it was a fashion statement.
Those look incredibly painful. I don't understand why people insist on wearing ridiculous shoes that make you miserable. Maybe it's just my extreme lack of girliness.

Actually what gets me more are the incredibly painful shoes that cost a fortune. There's something highly unsmart about that if you ask me.

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