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April 26 2009

Chuck stars Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin Lead 400 Fans to Subway to Save Show. The Finale and Footlong campaign asks fans to BUY A $5 FOOTLONG from Subway on April 27th, the season finale of Chuck.

TIME's Poniewozik agrees "throwing money" "is a far more effective way to argue for a show."

This is sooooo cool, thank you so much for posting
I will sooo be there tomorrow! Thanks for letting us know!
So what can TSCC fans do? Blow up something?

/This is not a suggestion to blow something up. Neither zz9 or Whedonesque condone any action involving explosives. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. This is not legal advice. Contents may settle in transit. Slippery when wet. Void where prohibited. Some assembly required. no purchase necessary. If skin rash or irritation develops, discontinue use and consult a physician immediately.
LOL! Maybe we TSCC fans can send FOX little Terminators!
Well, that's all well and good for Chuck. And, I sincerely wish them good luck because I like Chuck and want to see it renewed.

If only Dollhouse had something that figured as prominently (theyr'e Big Mike's favorite!), but what are we going to for Dollhouse? I don't think we can all buy Dell computers or Dodge SUVs...

(SIDENOTE: for a show that gets a lot DVR viewership, Dollhouse needs more/better product placement.)

The problem TSCC had was you had to buy a Dodge Ram Truck. Don't want a truck. And my current Chevy car has only 135,000 on I'm not in the market right now.

I will be stopping on the way home from work and getting Subway $5 footlongs for dinner. Guess I could get one for lunch too and eat the remaining half the next day. Sounds like a plan!

Wish Castle and Dollhouse had a sponsor that I wanted and could purchase.
Watch the shows, write down what commercials aired during that show, write the company and tell them you saw their add during whatever show it is you want to help and how you will become a consumer and tell them they should tell the network that they are getting letters because of an ad during that particular show. But it would take a lot of people writting in for it to have any impact really. And as a bonus, it'll help the Post Office... so yay?
Already "throwing money" at the Dollhouse by purchasine episodes on Castle is only on iTunes.
I live in the UK, we don't have Dodge Ram trucks here.

But every time I visit the US I hire a Jeep Grand Cherokee, that's the same company, right?
That is AWESOME.

Speaking as someone who doesn't even watch Chuck, I would have to say that it comes across as the Joss-related, on-
the-bubble show most worthy of renewal (this coming from a hardcore T:SCC and DH fan).

* I don't consider Castle on-the-bubble. It's too good.
What a great fan campaign. It hits them where it counts... in the wallets. But in a positive way. Way to go Chuck fans!
So if I support Chuck by buying a footlong at Subway, do I have to TELL them that that is why I'm buying it? I mean will anyone even know?
Shows this can be a global endeavor.
embers, I think that's why they are publicizing what they are doing and trying to coordinate the purchases on the same day, so Subway will have a noticeable spike in sales that they can attribute to the fans.
Lol zz9 , its a pity you probably have to include that damn disclaimer - some people are just too....

Anyway, yay for Chuck (and Yvonne Strahovski, Joss you need to cast her in something (where she doesn't get killed right away ;) )

As for Castle, I'm hoping Morena Baccarin shows up as a Cat burglar who is a little bit too interested in Castle ;-)
Holy Hell, I would be so excited if I was there for something like that.
That was the most surreal Subway I've ever had. My lunch was made by Chuck!

When I got Subway sandwitches on Friday, I asked if they had a comment card that I could fill out and I was going to write on it Thanks for sponsoring Chuck...but they didn't have any comment cards.

Doesn't mean other Subways don't have comment cards to fill out. You've got to ask or look around really carefully.


Oh, I like the Cat burglar idea.
A slow-loader with a very insistent need to click the post button, I think.
Wow, Keep_flyin... excited much?
Wow! I guess that was one good sandwich.
I will be buying the chicken teriaki sub tomorrow. And filling out a comment card. I love this show.
I noticed Castle is full of KFC commericals. We can all go to KFC on its last night I guess.

I will be at Subway ordering footlongs for dinner for tomorrow.

Adam & Zachary are awesome!
Just a note that this info is included in the bit about buying a Sub:

Drop a note in the comment box at the franchise letting them know youíre participating in the campaign to save NBCís Chuck, of which Subway is a product placement sponsor.

*ignores the leftovers and makes plans for a Subway trip tomorrow at lunch!
Here's a funny thought. Go out and buy a Subway sandwich ($5 footlong) and take a photo eating the sandwich. Put the photo on flickr and then send a comment through the Subway Website, with a link to the photo of you, your family, and your friends eating a Subway footlong. Imagine the site recieving all the comment emails with photos of fans eating a Subway sandwich and asking them to help save CHUCK.

Ok that's my 2 cents time to go buy a Subway sandwich.

[ edited by RavenU on 2009-04-27 00:41 ]
I agree with Keep_flying (but not so many times)> Zach encouraged us all to take lots of video footage and pictures to psot liberally around the web. I hope it comes to the attention of those who need to know.
Keep_flyin, Stop_posting.
Keep_flyin, the next time you oblige me to delete 40+ comments of yours, you'll be grounded. One warning.
My apologies. It failed to connect once and I gave up. Something obviously went wrong.
I must have missed the 40+ comments (trying to get crap off my DVR) but it's truly cool that zac made you a sub! do you have pictures?

I know for sure that someone out there wanted pix of people at subway twittered to them, but i can't remember at all who it was.

I will admit to being behind on Dollhouse - I got to 7 and realized I was going to have to rewatch 6.

I love Castle - and I've also only seen *3* eps of that. Is it endangered? I know I didn't see it on the early pickup list, but ABC has more timeslots than NBC because the of 10 o'clock Leno (silly idea) so hopefully we will all get lucky.

I spent 2 years in Enterprise Project* so brainstorming r us, doesn't make me an expert, but they kept telling me sponsors love eyeballs - can you Hulu a lot of Dollhouse and Castle? (hey, at least I like Dollhouse better than Firefly - my brain is just tired this time of year)

*and that was really hard: I didn't like Enterprise all that much. It's just that Scott was on it. Chuck, I actually love - when Scott shows up, it's like - oh right! Scott!

Are the people at Fox who killed Firefly gone? Maybe you have more favor now?
When are the ABC and Fox upfronts?

And technically, while Subway is a sponsor, it's a product-placement, hard-to-zap-thru, sponsor. I'd take a wild stab and say DH doesn't have one (it's sort of a different universe than our own) but maybe Castle does Product Placement? I didn't notice in the first three eps. I'm behind on a lot of shows. And everything is in the same darn time slot on Monday.

Meanwhile NBC is using breaks in Chuck to promote streaming of Quantum Leap.

Anyway, the only thing I've thought of is "get on air media coverage." And so far, Chuck fans haven't managed that. Maybe you all can? As of a couple of weeks ago, I was still getting "Chuck's in trouble?"

We just have to find something different than sending stuff to the networks, cause I think they're onto us. :-(

At the very least - a sub is fairly painless and doesn't require I write a sonnet to the show, which, though I love it, I couldn't really accomplish. I can definitely eat, however.

[ edited by Pamelajaye on 2009-04-27 01:38 ]

Castle bought Beckett a can of soda because he broke a jinx thingee. The name wasn't on the can just a circle green and yellow. I noticed the logo at the is Sprite soda. They didn't even show the vending machine front. Does that count as product placement?
Aw, I couldn't afford Starfury but was tempted to hang out nearby in the hope of catching the guests as I live nearby, but I figured it would never happen. I think I've been to that Subway a few times too.

In regards to Chuck, I'm a few episodes behind but realizing how much I'd miss it if it went with each episode that passes. The show has gone from good to great to amazing and I hate the thought of this being the end.
I probably in the minority, but I hate product placement in my TV shows and movies, particularly when they're as egregiously obvious as the $5 footlong product placement in the Chuck episode the other week. I know that it's done all the time, but when it's as blatant as it was in that episode, it kind of ruins the entertainment experience by slapping me in the face with a reminder that the real purpose of said entertainment is to sell me a bunch of stuff. And if Subway is paying to have it's product promoted in the plot of the show, who's to say that they aren't also paying to have the show's stars lead a "fan campaign" to save the show by promoting the product. It feels like astroturfing has crossed over from the political arena into the entertainment world.

The article says this was based on a fan's suggestion to Chuck and Adam about Subway. Could have been an ABC employee I guess.

I think Chuck and Adam did this on their own.
I probably in the minority, but I hate product placement in my TV shows and movies

Normally I'd agree with you but it's different in the case of Chuck since it is a bubble show. If it offers any sort of promotion/support that may help renew the show, then I'm all for it. Buying a $5 Subway sandwich is probably the easiest and most direct way a fan can really participate in the Renew Chuck campaign (much easier and more realistic than finding a Neilsen viewer and make them watch the show). Also, I think this type of campaign is also better than mass-sending the network a bunch of unwanted junk plus the money isn't wasted since you can eat what you spent your money on.
This is my website article (which whedonesque user doubleshiny wrote). We went with Zach. I've just spent the night dancing with him. He can rock dancing with a pint.

Needless to say, almost 600 people arriving to a Subway (we all got served, most by Zach, who jumped over the counter to help) was the coolest experience ever. It was literally 600 people follow him along the street. Video to come.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-04-27 03:04 ]
Whoo-hoo! 600!
The Subway employees must have been horrified and then thrilled!
Kev - those pics of mine I was on about where you can see the Subway sign are here.

Sleep time now.
here's the original source: a livejournal by Wendy Farrington who swears she doesn't work for Subway.

At first, the other Save Chuck folks thought it would be a distraction from the other activities, but they changed their minds (you can see that in the comments. I didn't read all of them)

and yes, product placement and streaming video are *both* things I'm encouraging at the moment which would really annoy my friends who are fighting for a new SAG contract. But, one battle at a time. Get the show picked up, and we can all go back to watching Live or at least on DVR, where we may or may not be counted. I'm truly tired of ratings being determined by secret Nielsen families, and not being able to have any say in what I am able to watch.
I'm guessing a lot of people have privacy issues with being counted, cookied, whatever, too - but I'm just tired of not being counted. Redundant but true.

Plus, I get to eat the sandwich. :-)

(and no, I'm not an actor. I'm just still hanging with the people I hung with during the writers' strike, and I can sing the song New Media, but not without peeking at the lyrics)
FWIW, I talked to someone in another thread that claimed to be in a Nielsen household. He said they will both be buying Subways and tuning in to Chuck (as he always does) Monday night.

Pssst, are they watching Castle? And Dollhouse?
This is all kinds of awesome. I will for sure get me a foot long veggie tomorrow, yay!

Drop a note in the comment box at the franchise letting them know youíre participating in the campaign to save NBCís Chuck, of which Subway is a product placement sponsor.

That's where I think the plan really falls down. You're relying on someone actually processing them and in good time as well. I'd sent the receipt to the Subway headquarters with a note and copied to NBC as well. More likely to get noticed.
zz9 said:

So what can TSCC fans do? Blow up something?

I think the "Criminal Minds" writers were right about you!

Where is the best place to post pics? I hope I've got some.
Well Pliny, what can I say? I'm evil.

And the blatant product placement on Chuck, the way he was holding the Sub to show off its logo, could be justified by the fact that he was trying to entice the boss to want it. It could be consistent with the character to think "I'll make sure the boss can see the logo"...
Iím glad to say I was there and it will likely go down as the most memorable and surreal experience Iíve had at a con. I canít think of too many actors that would happily offer to take part in making sandwiches for their fans for 2+ hours, while posing for photos, and all this with a smile on his face the entire time. Zach is just awesome.
I bought one :)

It was so much fun to walk en masse through a rather empty NEC to Subway with hundreds of people. Zach was awesome for getting behind the counter and 'helping' the sandwich artists. I'll be my putting photos on line later (once I recover from post-con fatigue).
I went to my closest Subway (92nd St. and Via Linda in Scottsdale AZ) today and took our entire office staff with. When I explained that we were there to save CHUCK, I had to explain the campaign to the Subway employees because they had no idea about it. When we left the lady that greets you and takes your order was handing out comment cards to everyone walking in and asking them to fill them out to save CHUCK.

Shanice, you rock!
madmolly, you rock too!

AdAge confirms that Wendy Farrington works for someone other than Subway in this article which I have not yet finished reading (like this thread. but it's next on my list)
Hey, I'll be happy to go to KFC for Castle if someone decides that everyone should :-) (I like KFC)
saying "Castle" suddenly makes me giggle as that's what they call the underground HQ on Chuck - also, late one Monday night, I had to choose whether to watch House or Castle.
I was speaking to Wendy Farrington during the whole Subway thing. She doesn't work for Subway.
Castle and Dollhouse fans, see my article on page 1 about CNN
I got served by Zach too.
It was awesome being part of something to help save a show.
I just hope Chuck is renewed

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