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April 26 2009

Dr. Horrible at Penguicon! Dr. Horrible will be presented live at Penguicon this Saturday, May 2nd, at 8:57 p.m. in metro Detroit. Auditions were held last fall so the players should be well rehearsed and fabulous! Scroll down about two-thirds of the page for the event entry.

Penguicon is a combination SF/gaming/open source fan convention running May 1-3 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Romulus, Michigan. Hotel is already full, overflow is being directed to the Fairfield Inn next door. Guests include Wil Wheaton (gaming and TV blogger), Jon "maddog" Hall (Linux icon), and Jane McGonigal (ARG designer).

Edited to correct date. *sighs*

Wow! I mean Whoo-hoo!
If i didn't have school and then work, I would definitely go to this. I would love to be able to see Wil Wheaton, and a live Dr. Horrible sounds pretty awesome as well. Too bad...
You mean, Hwill Hwheaton? ;)

I wish I'd have known this was going on! Usually fancy things like this don't show up near me.
I only found it because I was going through the penguicon schedule hour by hour. I couldn't find anything else about it anywhere on the penguicon site since the auditions were held last fall.
Dr. Horrible Live! played to a packed house tonight at Penguicon. For a while we were afraid we weren't going to get in (the Masquerade was held right before) but luckily enough Masquerade people left to make room for us and more. Here are some crappy phone pictures - it starts at the end so keep clicking the far right pic in the timeline on the right until you get to the beginning. Hopefully I'll find some better pics online.. :)

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