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April 26 2009

(SPOILER) Michelle on Gossip Girl Tonight! Just a heads up that Michelle Trachtenberg is back on Gossip Girl tonight at 8/7c on The CW Network to cause more trouble.

I hope I did this right this is actually my first news post on here
I still don't know why I watch Gossip Girl. At least it is more tolerable than that 90210 remake. It looks like Georgina found Jesus from the promos. Should be fun.
As much as I love Michelle, this is a show I could just never get into.
Surprisingly, I find GG to be one of the most compelling and intriguing shows I've ever watched. It's very well written and the dialog is pretty clever and witty, mixing in a few subtle pop culture memes as well (Madness? This. Is. CONSTANCE!)

Plus, I am astounded at how much content they can fit into 45 minutes. It's hard to believe it's only season two. The character dynamics have changed quite a bit from when it first started.

This show is just fun.
I watch Gossip Girl, along with One Tree Hill on my Tuesday Night teen-drama binge. It's fun, even if some characters are irritating (Mainly Dan & Serena.)

So, Yeah, FINALLY! Been waiting for Georgina to stir things up again. It'd be awesome if she became a regular for S3.

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