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April 27 2009

Eliza learns how to MySpace. Remember the MySpace-contest back then? Fox lets us now how it turned out.

But will she learn how to twitter? :)

On the other hand Nathan Fillion is talking about farts, so perhaps its not always the best choice *g*
I sort of felt awkward watching that video. In fact as awkward as I would feel if I was sitting next to such a stunning beauty like Eliza.
Glenn is a lucky man! I love seeing Eliza in clips she seems like such a warm person.

And boo all the haters! I'd hate to see people trash talking me on the net. I hope she hasn't seen some of the more awful comments people have been saying about her lately.
I can't find this video. Is the link correct?
This currently appears to go to the Jossverse: Wallhouse clip.
If you're outside the USA that's the problem.
I can't see it too.
Did they remove it? I can't see it anywhere anymore. Earlier today it worked just fine, even outside the US.
yeah, it links me to another video.
This is the wrong link. Someone fix it please.
It was the right link. There is no right link anymore, as it appears to have been removed in the time since it was posted here.
Yeah, see I *knew* I'd already seen the video somewhere. It's been over there on MySpace for weeks now or something.

ETA: Or, a little over one week.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-04-28 02:49 ]
Ah, but that's a different version.
I think it's now up on hulu, but I'm not sure (non-US). Can someone check so that I can change the link in the title?

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