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April 27 2009

The brand new online museum of props and costumes from 'Firefly'. Just what it says on the tin!

I realize why they had to do it, but it was too bad they ruined the images with their watermarks.
Reading about Vera I finally found out why they did that whole "Can only fire in oxygen" thing that made no sense.
I think this collection is pretty awesome! Would love to see it up close and personal. Pondering how to get him to visit the states with the collection.
That's a phenomenal collection. The badges from Ariel are too funny... Jayne's and Wash's fake names are the best.
I don't know if other people have noticed this, and forborn commenting, but I thought the instrument display on Simon's laser scope was one of the more hilarious props. Also, the Carbonite-frozen Han is awesome - I'll have to make sure and look for that when I'm next watching the episodes in question.
I've been waiting to see the rest of his collection for awhile now...can't wait to go browse!
I'm kind of in shock that I never saw the Han Solo carbonite before checking out this collection.

Anyhoodle, this is totally awesome. It is sad that the watermarks are necessary; it makes me a sad panda.
Loved this! I'll also have to keep an eye out for Han! That was really funny!

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