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April 27 2009

TV Week on the possibility of Dollhouse's renewal. Apparently, "Fox executives are holding out a glimmer of hope for the show, noting its loyal core and its strong DVR numbers".

Loyal core! That's us!
Ahh! "Glimmer of hope!" Now I'm going to get my own glimmer of hopes up. I don't know if that's good or bad.

I'll go watch "Man on the Street" on Hulu now and decide later. :)
Well, obviously this info is just as vague as any Nick C comment claiming to have heard something from some Fox executives. I tend to not take them at face value.
It's nice to know that they're at least looking at the strong dvr numbers... which makes alot of sense, since, if they were to bring back dollhouse, they presumably wouldn't put it on friday night again, so these dvr viewers may tune in...

plus online numbers, and dvd sales will continue to be strong during the off season (you would think), which means that before next season new people will be introduced to the show (it seems that Joss's shows always grow in popularity over time)... I'd give it another season.

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I don't think those DVR numbers translate to bigger audiences on other nights. The competition is more ruthless on other nights and shows on other nights have huge DVR numbers as well.

Honestly after I've heard of last Friday's ratings, I have lost all hope for the show to return. It's nice to hear a "the show is still in consideration for fall", but I expect it to be gone. If however someone at FOX wants to surprise me, hell, I'd be pleased and obviously I'd be in on the game that is season two.
Makes me feel a little better, but it will really kill me if the show gets cancelled. I've experienced life without a Joss show on tv before. Excruciating is a good word for it.
I wonder if all those *I won't watch unless it gets renewed* folks will come out of the woodwork if it gets renewed.
Glad to see at least How I Met Your Mother is thriving.
That's a fair point Donnie,

but what about the proven ability of joss shows to grow an audience over time?... look at firefly for godsakes! Lots of people will buy the dvds and then get into the show, once it's off air... I think Fox should take that into account when they make their decision as to whether they want to renew it.

I also, think that sci fi shows often take a while to get an audience... X Files had Horrible numbers in it's first season, then was given a chance and became one of the biggest shows on television... While good tv may not attract an audience straight away, it has the potential to become a phenomenon if given a chance to build and grow a following... seinfeld is another example of this.

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Very insightful article for a lot more than one passing mention of Dollhouse. Thanks for the link.
Fox moved “Bones” to Thursday nights, potentially hurting its numbers. But the show has actually helped Fox compete effectively on the night for the first time in years; overall, “Bones” is actually up 6% versus
last season.

Nice to see Bones getting a shout out. Thanks for the link.
I think the tipping point is fast approaching for series to go straight to Hulu/On Demand. With Dollhouse's strong showing on DVR and Hulu, I have to wonder if there might be a chance of that being an option on the table for Dollhouse season 2?
ThereUR they are only making pennies on hulu and OnDemand, unless they can make some serious money that way then there is no chance of giving Dollhouse a second season. I wish they had enough confidence in DVD sales to do that though!
Not to mention all the people who don't own a computer, or (like myself) can only afford dial-up. With Dollhouse going strait to Hulu/On Demand, it would eleminate a lot of lower income fans who watch Dollhouse!
Yeah Little Green Kid, pure online distribution would really suck for those without easy access to broadband internet, and it doesn't seem like the big networks and studios are ready to go past webisodes complementing existing shows yet anyway. And good point embers about the profit angle--I shoulda said iTunes or Amazon download, etc. rather than Hulu/OnDemand. Sorry--a little blurry today :)

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