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April 27 2009

Save Dollhouse! Then Cancel It! Musings from TIME's TV critic James Poniewozik on whether Dollhouse could return as a limited second season miniseries.

I like that thought.
Id just be happy for any continuation.

Personally I prefer when a program has a specific end planned from the start [eg Avatar: The Last Airbender]. It prevents storylines becoming tired and dragged on.

So Id be pretty pleased with that for Dollhouse. 2 or 3 seasons would be good, although if Joss thinks he can successfully take the story even further then thats great.

Although these thoughts are fairly redundant if FOX cancels it.
I would like to get more than one additional season, but I like the idea of setting a fixed ending date.
Does anyone think that Buffy went too long?... personally, I don't think so, but I know that some people don't think the show is as good after the first 3-4 season (personally I think season 1 is the weakest)... I think that seasons 4 and 5 are great (although the arc was a little convoluted and hard to follow in 5 "dawn is the key/ but somehow Buffy's blood is the key as well")but there are some of the best character and story developments during these seasons, as well as some of the best stand alone episodes ("hush" for example).

Season 6 was also great, although darker than any other season... and season 7 was one of the best.

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My friend thought 6 and 7 were a little off but I both thought they were great.

I liked season 6 BECAUSE it was so dark [which is one of many reasons Dollhouse is fast becoming my favourite show] and it had some really strong episodes. Normal again, specifically.
Personally, season 3 was the best because it had it all, and conceivably, it could have ended right there. The idea of annual miniseries for Dollhouse would be a much better idea. There are some concepts that may look like they can go on for years...but only six to 13 episodes at a time. Maybe "Lost's" decision to have a fixed end date will be seen as a much bigger idea than it does right now.

If this show isn't meant to go seven years, it should go one more season to see if Paul Ballard defeats the Dollhouse, and hopefully tells us why he must....or winds up closer to the place than he expects.

Come to think of it, maybe a miniseries for "Sarah Connor Chronicles" could be a good idea.

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I don't like that idea at all.
That's quite a set to leave lying around for a miniseries. I know they used it in the last Bones, but it's probably not something they could put to use too often. Better than nothing, but why would they invest more money if they don't have long term plans?
Mark Shepherd suggested at this weekends Starfury T1 convention that maybe Joss would be better to go with a Cable run production rather than Fox - I think most of us agree that Fox whilst giving Joss the chance to air his shows doesn't have consistency when it comes to maintaining those shows on the air - Whilst Dollhouse has been like Marmite(*) to a lot of fans, no-one wants to see it fail (and in that I mean have Fox cancel it)

(*)Marmite - Marmite is a type of thick, dark brown spread which is closely associated with Britain. The savoury spread is made from a concentrated yeast sludge, a by-product of the beer brewing process. The strong and very distinctive flavour has made Marmite rather famous, as consumers are either horrified by it or quite fond of it. In Britain, many people are fed Marmite as young children, and therefore grow up loving it. Adults who are introduced to Marmite have been known to have less favourable reactions.
Vegemite is the Australian equivalent of marmite... personally I love it, but understand why other people may want to throw up after tasting it... however, I don't really understand why people don't like dollhouse... or at least I don't want to understand... alot of the arguments in opposition to dollhouse seem to be based on the fact that people don't understand the moral issues tht dollhouse is trying to bring up... for example they think it's exploitative, when it is in fact shining a light on exploitation... etc.
I like limited series when the goal is to tell an especific story (like LOST).
But we all know Joss is capable of that, while doing great "filler" episodes in the meantime. And I'm not sure if I prefer story over the journey (it's great to travel with Joss and his team, no matter how long it takes if they got things to tell an do with the characters).

What I know for sure is that many times it's not a showrunner decision to end a series, and that's a shame. It would be great if Dollhouse comes back as a January 13 episodes series every year, as long as Joss wants. I trust him, and I know he knows when to stop.

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I would be happy for any Dollhouse we get. Also, I was in my 20s the first time I tried both Marmite and Vegemite, and I love them both.
Aha! In that case theclynn you are perfectly placed to prove to mortimer that Marmite is clearly the superior of the two ...

"And at what point does he decide he's better off making shows for cable, where the demands of the medium are less at odds with his storytelling vision?"

I was drawn to Dollhouse because it is a Joss show, but what has kept me around is the sheer depth of the mythology. Even the aspects we don't know about yet, when thought about for only a few seconds, are rich with possibility.

I can only hope that Joss gets an extension beyond the first season and that he chooses wisely which stories will enrich the mythology, regardless of whether we get another twelve episode run or a full season.
I think Dollhouse works better as a TV show than it would as a miniseries. I don't think I'd want Dollhouse as a miniseries, though I'd be happy with more 13 episode seasons.
From earlier interviews, when Joss was wrapping up the final episodes, he said that the world is so thick that they're almost too many stories to tell, which is a scary & wonderful idea.

And, remember, he already has "planned" out the series. We're only in the 1st of 7 books. I don't think there is a fear that they'll run out of stuff to write about.
I'd much prefer if Joss was able to at least finish the 5 seasons he has planned out.

I never thought Buffy went too long, especially when one sees what is done with Season 8. I think there were other issues that caused the lessening of quality in Season 6 and 7.
I don't like how presumptive he is about what Joss Whedon wants to do with the show. It's total backseat driving. If he's got a good idea for a second season, then he should run with it. If he's got a good idea for a third season, he should run with it. That seems to be how he approaches these things, rather than seeing some overarching fixed ending ahead of him. Personally I'm just sad there might only be two left now (and I JUST started getting into it!)
If Joss did a show on cable, would he still have execs to bounce ideas off of? Joss isn't infallible, guys. He's admitted that the execs had some good ideas and have reined him in on some bad ones.
There are execs everywhere in the television industry. It's not like cable is some sort of co-op.
But that would be cool, wouldn't it?

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