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April 27 2009

Very Shiny T-Shirt from ThinkGeek. Wash would totally wear this...

This is my first post I wasn't sure if I could link T-Shirts but it was new and I figured Simon would tell me if I sucked at posting and show me how to fix it.
The description made me think it'd be a shirt with a pre-cut hole in the middle.

This is good too.
Actually this is Lexigeek's shirt, designed and sold through QMx (although it's obviously also available elsewhere).
Oh, I love that! Alas, I'm not allowed to buy anything new until I find my BlueSun Tshirt. Which apparently one of the dogs stole. *weeps*
Great shirt!

EDIT: ZOMG, there is a babydoll version, too!

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Yep, that is one great t-shirt. I think I need to buy that. It's just the kind of shirt I've been waiting for, from the 'Verse. It's not in-your-face fandom-y, and quite subtle and nice to look at without knowing what it's about, as well as a silent shout-out to people in the know. It's perfect, really.
I have one with that phrase (in the classic font) but with a different image: it's of the radar/heads-up display with the actual plastic dinosaurs to either side of it. A bit more abstract and harder to read, but I like it.

On the other hand, Wash would probably pick this one. It's more his style.
grumble stupid t-shirts only available in mens sizes unless i want a stupid figure hugging one which i don't grumble.
That may be the best t-shirt EVER.
Digupherbones There is a babydoll version on the site you just have to look around a bit so you can get it in your size probably.
Be a sad panda no more. This was a good first post.
And thanks to Simon for putting the Sexual Harassment Panda song back into my head. Have you any idea how long it took me to stop singing it to myself the last time? Cheers for that! ;)
digupherbones, ThinkGeek editted the description on the babydoll to note that it does run larger than a their normal babydolls. I can definitely confirm they are at least two sizes larger than what their "regular" sizes would be to fit you.

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