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April 27 2009

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy #25 "Living Doll". Newsarama has a five page preview of the issue, which comes out next week.

Thats odd to say the least.
I'm guessing it's a mislead.

"That knife won't work on this bread at all! It's too hard!"

I like it, though. Very horror-comic-esque. Looking forward to this one.
Well that explains everything!
Most useless preview ever. Heh.
Boy, my excitement just increased tenfold! I'm going to buy at least two extra copies of the variant covers! Woo!
I was so sure he was going for the screw driver.
Did anyone notice the yellow thing that disappeared from under the brown thing on the bottom of the last panel? The amount of intrigue and emotional complexity is already killing me.
I just wasn't ready for this kind of suspenseful arc in a preview. And I have to wait over a week to see what happened to the yellow thing!

I'm not gonna make it.

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At a glance, the only thing that can change the pointlessness of that preview, if not the entire scene, is if that's a (revealed) Twilight either giving or receiving the knife business.

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Okay, just took a look at that and as they say in the funny pages: "?!?"
Xander: Dammit! I thought we agreed to keep the surgical instruments out of my tool box!
Almost exciting as my rock watching hobby.
Okay, so after the initial WTF reaction for that preview I was really struck by the dialogue here. "Not the knife. Not again." from the person down below. And then "Yes." from the guy grabbing the scalpel. I do hope this is connected to the (SPOILER)

That was a weird preview. It certainly sparked my curiosity though. As in - huh?
Any knife-stories we can fall back on? I kind of got an Willow/Warren feel from "The Long Way Home".

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I always think of Faith when it comes to knives.
Maybe it's a flashback to Twilight's essential beginnings -- indeed, it just gave me an idea. Maybe he is a "living doll" (I've been casting about for double meaning in that title), a golem of sorts. Or, heh -- and I say this in the same tone Angelus used to bitch about killing the Beast bringing back the sun -- you mean someone really *did* dig up Adam and turn him back into more or less normal human-shape?


Although I do look forward to the actual issue.
I for one am outraged and shocked at the way Germany is shown in this preview. Didn't the artists do any research for this isse? Don't they even care? Outrageous! How can this be a German city, if there isn't even --

Oh wait, wrong issue. Darn.

Actually, this is kind of fun, for once not knowing even what the beginning means or where it is going. Frustrating, but fun. Oh, and is anybody going to point out that one of the two, uh, beings on the cover might be the "living doll"? We had robot girls, after all ...

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Cliff Richards should have been the penciller for this issue, it would have been perfectly wonderful if that had happened.
Will anyone outside the UK get that joke Simon? *g*
Doug Petrie's name in the credits makes me smile. I have faith that this issue won't disappoint.

Consequently, the cover art of Dawnie macking on what I can only assume to be the Thricewise is pretty much just freaking me out.
That's it? Ah come on!

The cover still gives me the creeps. Ick!
creepy indeed. I am liking KingofCretins's theory about it being the beginnings of's so nice to say that and not be referring to the YA books.
We already know that one of the two on the cover is a "living doll" -- look at the variant, and the third form is revealed. Apparently, and hopefully, only within the scope of just one issue.
Wasn't Twilight (at least not modern day Twilight), he wasn't in his or her magical spooky voice of doom. At least, that's how I read it.
Well, if what we're seeing is a flashback, he might not have it *yet*.

I've always imagined that as a rather deep and authoritative voice, somewhere between Jeremy Irons and James Earl Jones.
My immediate reaction was "Huh? That's it?"

My second was "I bet the wrinkly hand belongs to someone called Gepetto, and the person saying "Not the knife" is a wooden boy.
Or possibly a statue of a nymph called Galatea.

Or maybe just an observer, watching the craftsman at work on a perfectly normal doll.
Preview doesn't show much but nice to get something anyway.
I gotta admit, it's actually kinda nice to get a preview that doesn't spoil the issue but still manages to tweak my curiosity.
That thricewise thingy is giving me the heebiest of jeebies. I know they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but come on!

I think it's because he's just got too many eyes.

And maybe a little bit of a thyroid problem.

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Uh oh, tongue action...blech!
I am dying for this issue...I need a little Buffy in my life :(
So best bets?

It's Twilight getting his face carved up.. or pieced back together...

... or it's Dawn, as a doll, being carved by a demon. It'll be a whole Issue #16 thing, starting off at one point then backtracking and revealing how we got there.
whenever my brother sees the cover for this issue he goes "Buffy! Rhea, Buffy!!"

then I have to go no Dylan thats Dawn and hes like "Oh, whos that"
Those are woodcarving tools.
Newsarama has more pages so I changed the link. Should satisfy everyone's curiosity . Very Fables it must be said.
My second was "I bet the wrinkly hand belongs to someone called Gepetto, and the person saying "Not the knife" is a wooden boy.

Turns out that stormwreath called it... almost, anyway.
Was just coming over to mention the new pages.
Haha, this thread made absolutely no sense to me until the last few posts since I saw it with the extra pages.

The Veronica Mars and Rescue Dawn references feel clunky and shoehorned in.
Yeah, I kinda felt the same way about the Veronica Mars reference. Just seemed like a very random comment about a random show that, although was pretty good back when it was on, has been out of the spotlight for a while now. The same comment about a more recent series might have worked a little better. Maybe Gossip Girl, given the Michelle Trachtenberg connection.
Xander would watch Gossip Girl?... It's unlikely, although he did have a secret thing for the Backstreet Boys so perhaps his tastes vary. I've never sat down and watched VM properly but Joss loves it which might have something to do with the reference.

Nice extra pages. I checked the name Judas Cradle (the name of the vamp leader) and he's named after a torture device used throughout the Spanish Inquisition... which can only be a bad thing lol.

I wonder what "Gepetto" means by "until you're safe?" Intriguing...

And the slayer digs... nice :D
Yay me! :-)
So... Dawn's transformations may have been to protect her, rather than the result of a curse? Interesting...

Buffy's Veronica Mars reference didn't bother me. The fact that she's bought the complete series on DVD shows that it's fairly old in her timeline - and the fact that she's apparently been trying to play Region 1 disks on a Region 2 DVD player seems to prove that she's had the box set a long time - since before she moved to the UK, in fact. (Unless she bought them in Tokyo or New York during one of the previous arcs.)
I took Buffy's Veronica Mars reference as just a fun nod at the fact Joss was a fan of that show.
Dawn's third transformation is into ...a voodooo doll? Or into a Twilight Zone esque ventriloquist's dummy? "Varelli! Varelli!"
Somehow I don't think this guy is actually keeping Dawn safe at all.

Buffy has got to grow out of her big annoyed sis routine soonish. Xander's been trying but clearly that's not working. Sometimes I think Buffy's character development requires punching.
I can't remember the exact timeline for season eight, but I know x number of months have passed. And while we are in 2009, the comic is probably set somewhere between 2005 and 2007. Anyone care to correct me on this?

I do think it would make the Veronica Mars reference a bit more logical. Even though it fudges my continuity-addled mind since Alyson and Charisma were both on the show. As well as Joss himself.
To be honest, vampmogs, I know a good number of guys that watch Gossip Girl. I'm not one of them (largely because the characters absolutely do my head in just watching the trailers on ITV2) but it does seem to me that GG has a certain amount of male viewers. Xander could well be one of them, I suppose.

And, yeah, the Veronica Mars mention was almost certainly down to Joss being a fan so I got the reason behind the reference. It still just seemed a little off to me. Like it had been forced into the dialogue for the sake of it. The way that obvious product placement can pull you out of a television show, y'know? Nothing I'm gonna lose any sleep over though.
To me, the most mind blowing continuity issue were Buffy's Firefly shirt and the slayer reading Fray.
CrazyKidBen: General consensus ehre seems that the comic is in spring '05 now. And who's to say Aly and Charisma and Joss don't exist in the B'verse? Just didn't work together on the same show is all.
Buffy being a Veronica Mars fan just completely makes my day. =)
General consensus by whom? In this brief preview alone, we have them referencing a 2007 movie and a DVD set that came out in 2006, and that's among the older pop culture references they've used.
General consensus of the answers we have gotten specifically about the timeline. Scott Allie and I think Joss himself have both said that pop culture reference should be ignored vis a vis the timeline, that they aren't being that exacting about the references. The timeline has never budged off the "8.01 is about a year and a half after 'Chosen'" that it's been all along. The only importance of the timeline for the people writing inside it clearly seems to be the emotional context of the characters -- that they are only that long removed from those events. The pop culture references are spurious, just there for the comedic value. Whether one likes that approach or not, it's not exactly hard to compartmentalize it.

[ edited by KingofCretins on 2009-04-28 19:00 ]
Worrying too much about the specifics of when a given movie or boxset came out in comparison to what year the comic is meant to be set in is only gonna give you a headache anyway. Does it matter? Isn't it just easier to assume that in the Buffyverse the Veronica Mars boxset came out a little earlier than it did in reality? Same with anything else that doesn't quite add up?

It's like all the Lost fans that worry when you see some random object in a flashback or, more recently, in the 1977 era episodes that shouldn't exist at that time. Makes it so much easier if you just assume that in the Lostverse they happened to be around earlier. On a show where you can happily accept all the weird and wonderful happenings that you see on that island, you're really gonna worry about a pinball machine existing a few years before it actually should have? Let it go! ;)
Yeah, "Lost" has played it both ways -- for a while, they were pretty scrupulous about 2004 references, but they've long since given up.
Sometimes they use that against you, though (which I like). Like when Jack used a Razor phone in the season 3 finale. I thought, "Man, that doesn't make sense. Shame on you, propguys."

And then it turned out to be a great hint.
Ah, you changed the link? No fair! I was *gung ho* to continue with the knife/rocks/hands thread! :(

Well, since those comments are no longer *canon*, let's take a look at the new pages...

Well, that was cool. I like Buffy's glove (reminds me of Season 3 & Faith's fake watcher). I'm not sure on how to read Xander's dialogue, though. Is he seriously wanting to rescue Dawn, or is he saying that so he can kill the vampire army?
"Will anyone outside the UK get that joke Simon?"

I'm in the UK and i don't get it. Does Cliff Richards have a song called Living Doll or something?

and does anyone else think the cover with Dawn snogging Illyria's long lost cousin hints at her turning into a lesbian?
DawnLover90, I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be Kenny the Thricewise,
Does Cliff Richards have a song called Living Doll or something?

Ah so young :P.
does anyone else think the cover with Dawn snogging Illyria's long lost cousin hints at her turning into a lesbian?

I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be Kenny the Thricewise

The idea of that thing being the guy Dawn's been snogging is enough to turn me into a lesbian. If, y'know, I wasn't a guy, and therefore something of a lesbian by default...

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